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Case study type: company

rmi’s in-house store enhances customer workshops & staff training

Susannah’s approach to this project has been excellent.

The work she and I have undertaken over the last 8 months have laid the foundations for positive change to happen within rmi.

On the strength of this, I would be happy to promote Susannah’s services.

Jon Southcombe, Managing Director

RMI, July 2012


RMI is a retail communication agency in London. They combine retail marketing data with an in-depth understanding of the emotional involvement of the shopper journey, and deliver ‘one stop shop’ marketing solutions. Their customers include Mars and Coca Cola.

Desired Goal

To create further growth, the directors want to strengthen the business by creating more structure, accountability, ownership and a culture which attracts, retains and nurtures talent whilst focussing on business results.

Solution provided: Structure, Accountability and Ownership


The structure and focus has given the Management Team more clarity on the performance required and being achieved. This has enabled them to be more decisive and take action to refocus their resources and further improve customer service. The process has stretched the Management Team and increased their strategic thinking and management skills.