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For Existing & Aspiring Leaders & Managers

Elevate Your Leadership Skills with Our Award-Winning Training Programme

  • Develop a comprehensive leadership toolkit for today's dynamic work environment

  • Navigate difficult conversations with confidence and clarity

  • Master the art of effective delegation to enhance team productivity and autonomy

  • Transform your management approach with real-world application and proven strategies

  • Enhance decision-making and problem-solving in complex business scenarios

Plus, get 3 powerful resources straight away!

"It is a must if you want to build a happy, productive and profitable organisation!"

Aaron Thorpe

Aaron Thorpe, Account Executive at Preston Insurance Brokers

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Have you experienced the seismic shifts in managing talent, hybrid working conditions, and evolving customer expectations, all exacerbated by the digital revolution? Your leaders need skills and strategies that are not just sound, but liberating!


Now, more than ever, staying ahead in a fast-changing world isn't just a business strategy, it's a necessity.

Emma, a Chartered Legal Executive at Dutton Gregory Solicitors, shared her transformative experience:


"Engaging with the Liberating Leadership Programme has been an enlightening journey. Our team is now more collaborative, productive, and motivated."

Why Liberating Leadership?

The Liberating Leadership Programme stands out in its research-driven approach, developed over 25 years and aimed at harnessing high-performing habits in leaders. With 15 crucial skills, 4 stages, and a memorable hub-and-spoke framework, we offer actionable strategies that have the power to catalyse meaningful change. Don't settle for conventional methods; opt for transformative, liberating leadership that readies you for a fast-changing future.

Core Competencies

Cultivate a high-trust culture


Construct compelling, measurable visions.


Master the art of constructive feedback.


Swiftly resolve performance issues


Understand rewards and penalties


Elevate your team from directing to delegating

Parents and Teachers.png

Effectively manage change

Diagnostic Tools for Precise Leadership Training

Our four diagnostic tools are the cornerstones that lend unique depth to our training programme. They help evaluate and foster essential Leadership Beliefs, pinpoint key Skills, guide Leadership Style Choices, and map out Motivational landscapes. These diagnostics serve as a personalised mirror, allowing leaders to compare their own beliefs and behaviours with those of high-performing individuals. This invaluable insight enables participants to proactively identify gaps and areas for development, thereby catalysing actionable change.

Personalised One-to-One Coaching

The power of one-to-one coaching cannot be overstated. Each participant in our programme receives tailored coaching sessions to focus the learning from the diagnostics and core competencies. Coaching serves as an incubator for personalised growth, providing a safe space to challenge existing beliefs and co-create new strategies. This focused attention not only reinforces learning but also accelerates the translation of theoretical concepts into practical, everyday leadership behaviours.

Mike, Delivery Manager at Caspian One:


"The Liberating Leadership Programme has been eye-opening. It not only strengthened my core beliefs but also revealed essential aspects of leadership I hadn't considered."

Every Big Journey Should Start with a Map

The Liberating Leadership Programme consists of 6, weekly, 2.5 hour workshops that can be held both online and in person. This structure means that you can easily fit the programme into your busy schedule, and the break between each session means you can process what you learn and implement as you go for faster results.

Setting the Foundation​

Begin with a confidential one-to-one coaching session to uncover your unique Motivators using a Motivational Map™ Profile.


Delve into diagnostics that explore your underlying leadership beliefs, skills, and styles. This initial phase sets a personalised foundation for your transformative journey.


Unravelling Leadership Secrets

Core Concepts: Dive into Explicitness, Positive Regard, and Reinforcement Theory.

Step 1 - Visioning: Master the art of creating and communicating a compelling Vision, aligning it with clear objectives and key results.


Discovering the Liberating Leadership Approach

Introduction: Unveil the essence of balancing High Support with High Challenge.

The Mirror: Explore Skill V1 and Personal Style to understand how your leadership reflects on your team.


Mastering Performance Management


Step 2 - Mobilising: Learn to provide clarity and effective feedback, and hone your skills in diagnosing performance issues.


Addressing Performance Challenges


Step 2 - Mobilising Continued: Navigate the complexities of providing negative feedback, understanding team motivations, and implementing rewards and consequences.


Refining Your Leadership Style


Step 3 - Developing: Enhance your leadership styles focusing on situational consistency.


Step 4 - Enabling: Empower and delegate effectively, unlocking your team's full potential.


Integration and Application


Culmination: Bring together your learning in a Delegate Presentation.


Leading Change: Apply your skills and insights to drive effective change in your organisation.


Meet the Expert:
Susannah Brade-Waring

Let us introduce you to Susannah Brade-Waring, a seasoned trainer, coach, and business advisor. Her real-world experience in leading a £10m technology company ensures that the Liberating Leadership Programme transcends theoretical jargon to offer practical solutions. As you strive to adapt and grow in this increasingly competitive landscape, you need a guide who has already navigated these challenges successfully.

Why Invest in Leadership?

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the challenges of effective management are becoming increasingly apparent. Many shy away from the crucial tasks of holding their team accountable and driving performance improvements. This reluctance often leads to a 'comfortable culture', where leaders and managers find themselves overburdened, shouldering their team's responsibilities. Such scenarios not only strain leadership but can also jeopardise the future of a business. In an environment where change resistance is prevalent, businesses risk falling behind, yielding ground to more agile competitors and losing valuable clients and employees to more forward-thinking organisations.

The current business climate demands a shift in mindset, especially as digital technology and the integration of AI become critical competitive factors. Leaders and managers clinging to traditional, outdated methods will find themselves struggling to keep pace. It's essential to ensure that your team is adaptable, technologically savvy, and ready to meet these evolving demands head-on. Only then can your business thrive in this fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Your Words, Not Ours

We are endorsed by industry leaders like Caspian One, Dutton Gregory, BCHA, and many more.

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The Leadership Adjustment:
How Sara Improved Team Dynamics at Life Balance Chiropractic

"I feel more confident and empowered as a leader. It's gratifying to see my team rapidly adapt and grow. I highly recommend this programme!"

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Hear from more of our Happy Clients.

Ready to Elevate your Leadership Skills?

Unlock the door to unparalleled leadership and management effectiveness. The Liberating Leadership Programme is custom-built for ambitious professionals like you, providing a robust framework of skills, techniques, and personalised coaching.

What You'll Immediately Gain:

  1. Instant Access to Powerful Tools and Diagnostics

    1. Performance Navigator: A flowchart to diagnose and fix performance issues.

    2. Situational Consistency: A guide on the 4 leadership styles and when to utilise them.

    3. Practical Guide to Motivation: This 18-page gem helps you understand the motivational gears turning within you and your team. Based on the framework of Motivational Maps, this guide is a taste of what's to come in the programme.

  2. A Call or Email From Us to Discuss Your Needs

Thank You for Your Interest!
Your details have been received! Expect a follow-up call or email from us soon with more information about the Liberating Leadership Programme.


​As a bonus, we've also sent you an email containing 3 powerful tools!

Case Studies
  • What is the Liberating Leadership Programme?
    The Liberating Leadership Programme is an award-winning, interactive leadership development course designed to help aspiring or existing leaders become more confident, capable, and authentic in their leadership roles.
  • Who is the Liberating Leadership Programme for?
    The Liberating Leadership Programme is perfect for business owners, managers, team leaders, and aspiring leaders who want to improve their leadership skills and drive organizational success.
  • How is the programme structured, and how long does it last?
    The programme consists of six weekly 2.5-hour online workshops, with additional resources and support materials provided throughout the course. You will have a one-to-one coaching session before you start the programme that will help you to develop personal goals and a vision for what benefits you will gain. There are also four diagnostics that you will need to complete throughout the programme.
  • What are the key learning outcomes of the programme?
    Key learning outcomes include developing a clear vision, effective communication, creating a culture of commitment, managing performance, and mastering assertiveness and feedback. There are a total of 15 skills taught by the programme, alongside powerful tools, diagnostics that reveal your underlying beliefs and skills as a leader, your motivators, and more. In reality, far too much to individually list here! But we can promise that you will feel much more confident and capable in your leadership.
  • Is the programme suitable for remote, hybrid, or office-based teams?
    The programme is suitable for remote, hybrid, and office-based teams, as it is delivered online and can accommodate participants from different locations. If desired, the programme can also be delivered in person at your company premises.
  • How is the Liberating Leadership Programme different from other leadership development courses?
    The Liberating Leadership Programme is based on 25 years of research and focuses on practical application, using diagnostic tools to identify areas for improvement and teaching 15 essential leadership skills. Unlike most leadership programmes, the programme focuses on giving you a deep understanding of how you lead, and clearly shows you what you need to do to improve as a leader, and how. This gives you much greater confidence in yourself as a leader, and capability in leading your team.
  • What tools and resources are provided as part of the programme?
    The programme provides four diagnostic tools, a comprehensive 72-page workbook that will give you a clear reminder of what you learned, and multiple tools and resources that you can implement directly with your team, such as the Performance Navigator Tool which makes identifying and fixing performance issues much simpler. You will also gain ongoing access to an online learning platform for access to videos about the skills taught by the programme.
  • What qualifications or certifications will I receive upon completing the programme?
    Upon completing the programme, participants receive a certificate of completion that they can proudly display to demonstrate their achievement.
  • How much does the Liberating Leadership Programme cost, and what payment options are available?
    For pricing and payment options, please contact us directly, as costs may vary depending on the specific offering or group rates. We do accept payments spread over multiple instalments. We also offer discounted rates for charitable organisations.
  • Are there any prerequisites or requirements to join the programme?
    There are no prerequisites or requirements to join the programme, as it is designed for leaders at all stages of their career journey.
  • How do I sign up for the Liberating Leadership Programme?
    To sign up for the Liberating Leadership Programme, visit our contact page and fill in the form, or get in touch with us directly for more information. Give us a ring on 01202 985112, or email us at
  • Can I access the programme materials after completing the course?
    Yes, participants will have access to the programme materials even after completing the course, ensuring they can continue to apply their learnings and develop their skills.
  • Can the programme be customized or adapted for my organization's specific needs?
    Part of the power of our Liberating Leadership Programme is in its consistency and ability to quickly bring its benefits to organisations of all sizes, across all industries. This means that we generally don't modify the contents of the programme. However, please give us a call on 01202 985112 or send us a message via our contact page, as we would be happy to discuss your needs. We do offer tailored programmes, team workshops, and more!
  • Who facilitates the Liberating Leadership Programme, and what are their qualifications?
    The lead facilitator of the Liberating Leadership Programme is Susannah Brade-Waring. Susannah is the Managing Director of Aspirin Business Solutions, and a Master Practitioner of the Liberating Leadership Programme. She is a highly accomplished and experienced business coach, with over 20 years in the industry. Before that, she has deep experience in operations, HR, Finance, and more, and helped bring an organisation from a start-up to an eventual £10 million management buyout. Susannah has been accredited by The Coaching Academy, she is one of five Senior Practitioner of Motivational Maps globally, a Mindshop Expert, and is a Mental-Health First-Aider.
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