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Become a More Confident and Capable Leader with our Award-Winning Leadership Development Programme

Develop a resilient leadership style that empowers your team, builds a culture of commitment, and adapts seamlessly to in-office, remote, and hybrid teams.

"The leadership development programme was far superior to other management courses I have taken in past. It is a must if you want to build a happy, productive and profitable organisation!"

Aaron Thorpe

Aaron Thorpe, Account Executive

Preston Insurance Brokers

This Award-Winning Leadership Development Programme is delivered online over 6 weeks, via 1 x 2.5-hour Zoom call per week. It’s supported with one-to-one confidential coaching before and during the programme. It includes the Liberating Leadership book, a 70-page workbook, and a library of online videos of the processes and skills.  This enables participants to apply what they’re learning in between sessions.  It also reduces ‘information overload’.

The Leadership Development Programme contains 3 elements:


A Mindset

Developing the leadership beliefs to create a culture of commitment (rather than comfort, stress or apathy), based upon high expectations, positive reinforcement, positive regard, and genuineness.


4 Processes


15 Skills

  • Visibility of Personal Style

  • Observation and Information

  • Analysis

  • Vision

  • Clarity and Explicitness

  • Assertion

  • Feedback

  • Momentum

  • Diagnosing Performance Issues

  • Situational Consistency

  • Motivation

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Empowers

  • Delegation

  • Continued Support


What makes it such an effective leadership development programme?


It’s an award-winning leadership development programme, based on 25-years of research into what high-performing leaders actually do


It develops performance based on trust, clear expectations and consequences, rather than office-based presence, so it’s well suited to a hybrid work environment


It contains 4 diagnostics that enable participants to compare their answers to those of high-performing leaders


It’s well-structured, making it easy for participants to apply what they’re learning easily, and check which steps they’ve missed


It’s empowering, confidence-building, and highly practical with 4 processes and 15 skills to develop leadership ability


It develops self-awareness and emotional intelligence, alongside problem-solving tools and processes that give a clear path to success


It includes the powerful Performance Navigator tool, which enables leaders to diagnose performance issues easily

"The Liberating Leadership Programme has been eye-opening. It not only strengthened my core beliefs but also revealed essential aspects of leadership I hadn't considered."

mike forbes_edited.jpg

Mike Forbes

Delivery Manager

Caspian One

The Benefits of Liberating Leadership

liberating leadership reduced absenteeism

Lower Sickness & Absenteeism

liberating leadership reduce recruitment cost

Reduce Recruitment Costs

liberating leadership increase retention

Increase Staff Retention

liberating leadership improved task completion

Faster & Improved Task Completion

liberating leadership boost morale

Boost Individual & Team Morale

liberating leadership solve people problems

Get to the Root of People Problems

Every Big Journey Should Start with a Map

Confidential one-to-one coaching session, using a Motivational Map Profile.


  1. Underlying Beliefs

  2. Process Skills

  3. Situational Consistency


The Secrets: Explicitness, Positive Regard, Reinforcement Theory.

Step 1: Visioning

Creating and communicating a Vision, with objectives and key results


Introduction to the Liberating Leadership Approach

The Crux of High Suport and High Challenge.

The Mirror: Skill V1, Personal Style.


Performance Management

Step 2: Mobilising

Providing clarity and feedback, and diagnosing performance issues.


Addressing Performance Issues

Step 2: Mobilising Continued

Providing negative feedback, rewards, and consequences.

Understanding what motivates our teams.


Leadership Styles

Step 3: Developing

Developing our leadership styles with situational consistency.

Step 4: Enabling

Empowering our teams, and delegation.


Putting it all together

Delegate Presentation

Leading Change


The Power of Liberating Leadership: Client Success Stories

Caspian One - Hero Image_edited.jpg

Breaking Down Silos: How Caspian One Fostered Collaboration Through Leadership Training

"The Liberating Leadership Programme has been eye-opening. It not only strengthened my core beliefs but also revealed essential aspects of leadership I hadn't considered."

Your Journey to Becoming a Truly Effective Leader Starts with a Single Step

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