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The Leadership Adjustment: How Sara Improved Team Dynamics at Life Balance Chiropractic

The Leadership Adjustment: How Sara Improved Team Dynamics at Life Balance Chiropractic

At A Glance


Sara sought to enhance her leadership prowess via the Liberating Leadership Programme.


She embarked on a structured journey, mastering balanced support, clear communication, and timely feedback techniques.


Sara now feels she has the confidence and capability to onboard new team members, promoting swift growth through regular check-ins and feedback.


Sara loved its practical approach in boosting her confidence and empowering her to lead effectively.

"The Liberating Leadership Development Programme has been transformative. The structured approach, clear expectations, and regular feedback will really help me accelerate the onboarding process. I feel more confident and empowered as a leader. It's gratifying to see my team rapidly adapt and grow. I highly recommend this programme for leaders looking to sharpen their skills and foster a proactive team."

The Leadership Adjustment: How Sara Improved Team Dynamics at Life Balance Chiropractic

Sara Egerfors

Associate Centre Director

Life Balance Chiropractic

The Brief

Sara, recently promoted Assistant Centre Director at Life Balance Chiropractic, grappled with the challenge of setting clear expectations, being approachable, yet authoritative. The immediate requirement was to onboard three new Chiropractic Assistants (CAs) effectively and have them run the front desk successfully by October. She aimed to build her leadership capabilities and develop a strong and capable team more quickly without overwhelming them, and to offer constructive feedback.

What We Did

Sara embarked on the Liberating Leadership Development Programme. With Susannah's guidance, she focused on creating a balance between challenge and support. Through this, she built a structure for the onboarding process, focusing on one task at a time and providing clarity at every step. She has planned a routine of regular check-ins and feedback sessions with the team, which will aid in promoting their quick adaptation and learning.

The Results

Sara's transformative journey has yielded encouraging results. She now knows how to set clear expectations and guide her team adeptly through tasks, offering regular, timely feedback. Her approach will ease the onboarding process and improve her relationship with her team. More confident in her role, she looks forward to further delegating tasks and empowering her team. Sara's story demonstrates the powerful impact of the Liberating Leadership Development Programme in equipping leaders with essential skills.

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