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Developing Confident Leaders, Motivated Teams, and Strong Businesses

We help ambitious and big-hearted leaders build stronger businesses faster, without all the headaches. Hence the name ‘Aspirin Business’.  We use our experience and expertise to create deep and lasting results for our clients, by combining three vital ingredients into all our solutions: psychology, world class knowledge & tools, and practical application. We deliver them in an enjoyable interactive and motivating style.


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Our Solutions

Aspirin's Leadership Gym

Take a break from the grind and join a supportive network of business owners who are passionate about building stronger businesses & teams.

Future Leaders

Our Future Leaders Programme is designed to teach problem-solving and project management techniques.

Liberating Leadership

An award-winning programme dedicated to creating bottom-line results by developing high-performance, self-managing teams.

Professional Development

Developing growth mindsets and behaviours to empower your people and strengthen your business.

Management Development

Accelerate Team Performance

Without all the Headaches.

Increase the desire and capability of your managers to be more and do more.

Powerful Diagnostics

Diagnostics are essential in prioritising investments - investments in time, money, and energy.

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Latest News

Interested in growing a stronger business? Not sure where to START?  Take our GROWTH & PROFIT DIAGNOSTIC to find your key Areas for Improvement.  Then add your email address or contact us to explore how we can help you.


"Exceptional management and leadership training and one of the best, if not THE best, organisations I have ever worked with. Susannah and Heath really take the time to learn about the organisation, to understand the challenges faced by individuals and teams, as well as focus on broader strategic initiatives and improvements."

Lorraine Hunt, HR Business Partner at BCHA
Business Coaching Testimonial

"Working with Susannah was without doubt one of the highlights of this year for me. Susannah’s approach and understanding of both our project and organisational requirements was first class"

Mick Mcleavey, Maintenance Manager at Waitrose

Our Values

Businessman holding briefcase, close up

Integrity and Teamwork: Our word is our bond, we will always act with the best of intentions to create a win-win, and that includes acting like a part of your team and considering what's best for you.

Holding Plant

Purpose and Pragmatism: Purpose is key to us – what’s the difference we want to make together, combined with pragmatism – how can we make that happen in the real world, with real challenges?

Holding Hands

Respect: Whatever happens we believe in respecting each other; we’re not all the  same, we may have different priorities and make different choices but we can honour and respect each other.

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