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Unlock the full potential of your team and skyrocket your business performance with Motivational Maps™.

As a business leader, you know how crucial it is to have an engaged, productive workforce to achieve organizational success. Our ISO-accredited profiling tool, Motivational Maps™, converts complex feelings into actionable data, thereby letting you handle motivational challenges within your organization effectively. Whether it's increasing engagement and productivity, reducing staff turnover, or promoting wellbeing, Motivational Maps offer an effective solution.

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"It's actually a joy to manage people now!"

Developing this understanding means that our whole team works together. They really understand each other stronger, they play to each other's strengths, and so the team is stronger. They perform better, not just in performance, but overall.

Sarah Eades_edited.png

Sarah Eades, Group Operations Director
A-One Insurance

How Does Employee Motivation Enhance Business Performance?

Faster Growth

More Profitable

Reduced Staff Turnover

Increased Profit Growth

What Are Motivational Maps?

At the heart of a flourishing business lies a motivated workforce.


As a business leader, you understand that the key to your organisation's prosperity lies deeply intertwined with your employees' motivation.


Motivational Maps are specifically designed to cut through the complexity of human feelings and emotions, converting them into clear, actionable insights.


They assist you in understanding the motivations, engagement levels and overall job satisfaction of your employees, providing unique data indicators including 9 Motivators, 3 Clusters, and an overarching motivation level.

In a nutshell, these sophisticated diagnostic tools guide you in comprehending the intricate dynamics of your team, extending from how they view their job roles to their relationships with colleagues and superiors.


They offer the 'why' behind their feelings, proffering strategic insights to trigger significant positive shifts within your organisation.

By harnessing the power of Motivational Maps, you're not just investing in a tool, you're driving influential change and growth for your business.


The Benefits of Motivational Maps



Motivational Maps provide proven strategies that build high-performance individuals and teams leading to increased business efficiency. 



Predict with precision how prospective employees align with your culture and teams. Remove guesswork from recruitment and secure the best talent for your organisation. 



Through deeper understanding of individual motivations, foster stronger teamwork and coordination for optimal performance.



By revealing what truly motivates your employees, Motivational Maps enable you to craft strategies that boost staff engagement and drive productivity.



Motivational Maps are adaptable. Combine individual maps into team and organisational reports, for an overview that accelerates positive transformation across your business.



Promote a culture based on understanding and empathy to enhance workforce wellbeing & positively impacting productivity.



High retention rates are no longer a challenge. Employees who feel understood are 50% less likely to leave, and Motivational Maps offer you this level of understanding. 



Create a common language across your organisation, aiding better communication and conflict resolution. 


Quick & Easy

Not just robust, Motivational Maps are also user-friendly. The Map begins as a 12-minute questionnaire and translates into a detailed individual report offering actionable insights.

Motivational Maps transform workplace culture and productivity in a way that benefits everyone – from employees to business leaders. Leverage this tool to unlock unprecedented business success.


Reach out today to begin your motivation revolution.

"So Valuable!"

It gave me lots to reflect on, as well as lots of ideas for boosting my motivation moving forward, now to put them into action!

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Emily Fuller, MCIPD, MSc
The Passionate PA

See an Example Motivational Map

Meet John:

A hardworking engineer who was pivotal to his team but felt unfulfilled and underutilised. John was driven, diligent and purposeful, but he had begun feeling disconnected from his role.

That's when his proactive leader implemented our Motivational Maps. Unravelling the intricacies of John's inner drivers, these Maps threw light on John's desire for mastery, stability, and a sense of purpose in his role. Understanding his reduced need for social interaction also helped him navigate his relationship with teammates better.

Armed with this in-depth understanding, John’s manager could devise customised strategies to tap into these motivators. It wasn't a one-man journey; the ripple effect extended to the entire team working more harmoniously together. 

The transformation was evident - John no longer felt like just a cog in the machine. He felt valued, empowered, and more aligned with his work, showcasing a positive effect on his performance and the overall team dynamics.


Where are Motivational Maps Used?

Motivational Maps have received global recognition and are trusted by many forward-thinking organisations, from multinational corporations to small, family-owned businesses, including...

dutton gregory logo.png


Using Motivational Maps as part of our strategy day was invaluable in helping the team truly understand our common motivators and where our differences lay.

Paul Kinvig_edited.jpg

Paul Kinvig, Chief Operating Officer
Bournemouth Town Centre BID

Ready to Unlock the Potential in Your Organisation?

Reach out to us or give us a call today! Let's revolutionise motivation in your business for a better, more productive future.

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