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Our Expert Team

With backgrounds as business leaders, we take a very practical approach to business growth, blending both the high-level strategy with the day to day operations. We also integrate both people and processes to support implementation and create long-term repeatable results.

Then, we distil our knowledge into bite-size chunks and user-friendly models, so our clients get the results they want without losing focus of their day to day priorities of performance, productivity and profits. Essentially we develop business growth strategies and teams that deliver.

Our clients’ industries include accounting, construction, dentistry, distribution, engineering, guardianship, facilities management, funeral directors, IT support, landscape design, leasing, manufacturing, media, repair and veterinary.


Susannah Brade-Waring

MSc, BSc (Hons)

Managing Director, Business Growth Facilitator, and Coach.

I created Aspirin Business in 2007 to make a bigger difference, especially in family and employee-owned businesses. Along the way, we've been blessed to work with incredible people in incredible organisations - building strong businesses, developing confident and capable leaders, and creating motivated teams. All with the goal of helping our clients enjoy more professional and personal success.

I’m still passionate about what we do and the difference we make for our clients. I’m told I’m honest, organised, insightful, empathetic and strategic.

My work is largely strategic, energising and equipping business leaders, HR Professionals and coaches to build stronger businesses and teams. This reflects my experience as an agile, problem-solver and business leader of a technology SME, which I helped grow from start-up to sale (MBO).

As both a Non-exec Director and chair of Aspirin's Leadership Gym (our business leaders’ group), I coach leaders to create more business and personal success. I also train coaches and HR Professionals to understand what makes people tick and create more personal and professional success for their clients through motivation.

I love learning and making complexity simple, which our clients enjoy and value. I’m a qualified coach and Business Advisor, Mental Health First Aider, Liberating Leadership Master Practitioner, Clarity 4D Practitioner, and a guest lecturer for Portsmouth University on leadership behaviour. I’m also a Senior Practitioner for Motivational Maps, operating at the highest level (1 in just 6 globally).

When I’m not working, I enjoy yoga, painting and mountain biking (preferably in warm dry weather) with my husband and business partner, Heath, and being with our wonderful family and friends including our two wonderful boys.

Quite simply, I love helping people live happier more fulfilling lives and that I get to do that every day. That's why I'm sometimes called 'The Business Motivator' or 'Sue' (both are fine).

Heath - profile - white_edited.png

Heath Waring

The Team Weaver

Hello there! I'm Heath.

I thrive on creating strong relationships - it's the backbone of what I do. At work, I lead our Support Crew and manage our product offerings, which include Aspirin's Leadership Gym, the Liberating Leadership Programme, Motivational Maps, Clarity4D, and online learning. My goal is simple: I want to ensure that we provide the best for our customers and keep things running smoothly.

I’ve spent over three decades in sales, proposals, and key account management. This experience has taught me the value of great service, and I put my heart into making sure that our clients and our global network of over 150 Motivational Map Practitioners are well taken care of.

Now, let me share a bit about what I cherish outside of work. Family means the world to me. When I'm not working, I really enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. Food is a big deal for me.

Another love of mine is mountain biking. Almost every weekend, you'll find me cycling around the stunning Dorset coast. It’s a fantastic way to unwind, especially when I can share the experience with friends, good food, and a cold beer.

Thanks for getting to know me a little. If you ever want to chat, whether it's about our services or even swapping recipes, feel free to reach out. Take care!


Kyle Brade-Waring,

BSc (Hons)

The Digital Overlord

Hello, everyone! I’m Kyle, your friendly neighbourhood Digital Overlord at Aspirin Business and Motivated Performance. 🚀

I’m the one pulling the strings behind the scenes - from crafting our website to creating eye-catching videos. Since 2014, I’ve been juggling this fantastic role part-time and went full throttle in 2021 when I wrapped up my Biological Sciences degree at the University of Brighton. A brainiac, eh? 😁 My studies took me deep into the fascinating world of bioartificial liver support systems. Just imagine dialysis machines, but for the liver!

Now, let me take you on a stroll down memory lane. I’m a Mansfield lad at heart but made the move to the picturesque Dorset with my family in 2010. My wanderlust also took me to East Asia for a year, where I wore the hat of a volunteer in schools across Malaysia and Cambodia. What an enriching experience that was!

Fast forward to now, Brighton is where I call home. I share my cosy nest with my lovely partner, Georgia, and our furball of joy, Toast. 🐹 Yes, you heard that right! Our hamster’s name is Toast - and he’s as delightful as the breakfast treat!

Back to business – I get my creative juices flowing by taking charge of our marketing. Whether it’s whipping up engaging social media content, penning down email newsletters, or designing websites, I’m your man! But wait, there’s more – I’m also the wordsmith and graphic designer behind our website, brochures, banners, business cards, and anything else that our business calls for.

And guess what? I also wear a strategist’s hat. I take great pride in being a key player in crafting the business strategy. My days are often peppered with invigorating strategy meetings and brainstorms for product improvements. In a nutshell, I’m the chap who brings to life most of the resources that make Aspirin Business’ programmes and solutions tick.

So, that's a little window into Kyle's world! If you fancy a chat about anything digital or want to swap hamster care tips, don’t hesitate to reach out. Cheers! 🎈

Jan Feeley Photo

Jan Feeley,

MSc, BSc (Hons)

Expert in Clinical Psychology

Hello everyone! I’m Jan, the go-to psychologist and wellness guru at Aspirin Business. 🧠💙

Let me start by sharing a bit of my academic journey – I’ve got a Master's in Clinical Psychology tucked under my belt. And, what a journey it has been! Working with my wonderful clients on an array of topics like relationships, stress, and motivation is immensely fulfilling.

Now here’s an update for you - since 2020, I've also been sprinkling my therapeutic magic at iTalk, as a full-time psychological therapist. This splendid organisation is part of the NHS, and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of it.

With the Aspirin team, I’ve donned multiple hats, from penning insightful articles to delving into Motivational Mapping. Wellness and wellbeing are close to my heart, and engaging in critical discussions on these topics with my peers is always a highlight.

I also wear my badge of being a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps with pride, and I’m chuffed to be a member of the British Psychological Association.

A bit about my roots – I’ve called both the Netherlands and Germany my home. But, the charming South of England has lured me back and I’m stoked to continue coaching and supporting individuals and communities through life’s twists and turns.

But wait, there’s more to Jan than psychology! Outside of work, I'm often striking a pose – a karate pose, that is! 🥋 Yes, I’m a karate enthusiast. Also, you might catch me showing off some dance moves or simply spending quality time with my terrific team.

So, if you’re ever in need of a chat about mental wellness or fancy some karate tips, I’m just a shout away. Let’s create a happier world together! 🌟

What Motivates Us?

As a team, our #1 motivator is Searcher - creating purpose and making a difference.

That’s why we're driven to make a positive impact in our world, by achieving great things together in business.

We believe in the importance of these three factors:

1. The satisfaction of achieving, of getting stuff done, of stretching and succeeding.

2. The motivation of contributing to something greater than we could do alone.

3. The fulfilment of working together as a team, with support, skills, ideas, and energy.

That’s why we challenge, empower and enable our clients. We encourage them to superstretch, we challenge their thinking and beliefs, we help them understand just how much they CAN do, and help them do it and enjoy it. We’re part of their team, all the way.

Why? Because when people feel great about who they are, what they do and the contribution they make – it creates a huge amount of positive energy that they share with their colleagues, customers, suppliers AND families – and that makes us feel great!

So, are you ready to unleash your potential and ride the waves of positivity?

Click the button below and let’s create ripples of positive change, together. Your future self will thank you. 🌟

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