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Lester Brunt: Diagnostic - Employee Pulse Survey

Team Pulse Survey


The Pulse Survey revealed the Lester Brunt team are exceptionally highly motivated – with an average score across all team members of 82%.

Team members report enjoying the work and say they feel valued and that they belong.  They also confirmed that some of the business systems are being stretched, and identified specific areas.

Overall it has identified the key areas that need developing to support the business’s growth , and it’s identified which areas don’t require additional input at this time. This enables the leaders to focus on the required changes, whilst maintaining and increasing team engagement, as employee voice is one of four enablers of employee engagement.


A Pulse Survey with the whole team identified how the leaders can best support the rapid growth with employee engagement and key areas for improvement in both their people and business capability.

Lester Brunt Wealth Management is a Senior Partner Practice with St James’s Place, and was formed in 2013 through the merger of two successful St James’s Place practices.  From a handful of people, there are now over 24 employees, including several family members.

Business Goal

The business is growing rapidly, stretching the capability of the business systems and requiring the recruitment of new and capable team members. An ethos of excellent customer service and ‘family feel’ forms the fabric of the business. The leaders are keen to retain this as the business grows.


To identify which areas are being stretched, and which are working well, a Pulse Survey was conducted with all staff. Aspirin Business were chosen as providers, using their expertise in creating high-performing cultures.

Quantitative ‘Heart’ Data

Motivational Maps were used with every member of the team to identify:

  • what motivates them,

  • how motivated they are, and

  • how to increase their motivation and employee engagement

This data has been compiled into Team Maps and an Organisational Map, allowing us to assess and measure team dynamics and the culture.

Qualitative ‘Head’ Data

Confidential 30 minutes conversations were held with every member of the team to:

  • capture their views on Lester Brunt, for example ‘why did they join the business, what’s working well and what’s not working as well as it needs to‘

  • and to provide coaching around their Motivational Map

Lester Brunt: Diagnostic - Employee Pulse Survey

What the client says

There’s nothing to fear from finding out how your staff feel about their roles and your company. No one comes to work to do a bad job, but not everyone comes to work with a clear idea of how to make a contribution to the business whilst feeling wanted, appreciated and rewarded.

Aspirin helped us understand where we are as an organisation in terms of staff motivation and engagement. They gave us the tools which enable us to communicate between ourselves more effectively in the pursuit of our shared values, and the additional insight and support needed to make lasting and meaningful change.

Martin Brunt, Principal

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