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Dorset Chamber of Commerce & Dorset Growth Hub

High-Performing Leaders & Managers


Developed and delivered by Aspirin Business in partnership with The Dorset Growth Hub and Dorset Chamber of Commerce, this course was fully funded for eligible participants, as part of a grant scheme funded by the European Development Fund.

Business Goal

Aspirin Business was asked to develop a Management Programme to enable middle Managers and new leaders of Dorset businesses to strengthen their confidence and capability to manage both teams and service functions.


We used a blended learning approach, including 3 half day workshops, e-learning and 30 Day Projects to significantly increase the quality of learning and knowledge-retention through participation, practice and application. This was preceded by individual Needs Assessment and tailoring of the course content.

The workshops focused on:

Problem solving and project planning;

  • Taking ownership and being proactive

  • Time management

  • Business improvement projects

  • SMART goal setting

  • Practical use of planning tools.

Personal effectiveness;

  • Locus of control

  • Stress management

  • Leadership and management differences

  • Identifying ideal behaviours

  • People management.

Getting the best from your team;

  • Evaluation of own leadership and management

  • Situational management

  • Managing difficult conversations

  • Disengaged and demotivated people

  • Employee engagement and motivation.

Dorset Chamber of Commerce & Dorset Growth Hub

What the client says

“The course has equipped me to make rational decisions. I feel I have the tools to carry out project planning and to weigh up decisions highlighting the rationale.” SJ, November 2018


“The course has allowed me to be more confident in myself as a leader.” JP, November 2018


“I feel I am more efficient, my work is more fulfilling and ultimately it has helped me spend more time with my family.” LT, December 2018


“My current seconded role is massively different to my normal job and to that end I am learning and influencing the business and networking with completely different people. The training has given me the confidence to tackle these situations, knowing that I can portray a business approach in each circumstance.” IP, December 2018


“I will not be going in to meetings blindly. I will be thinking about how to best build that relationship, or get the answers we need.” SR, December 2018

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