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Waitrose: High Performing Teams & Coaching

Motivated Performance


The Central Specialist Team of John Lewis Partnership provides expertise to keep the business safe and efficient, through its suppliers, standards and investment strategies.

Business Goal

Aspirin Business were asked to help the team develop its strategy for 2014, ensuring it meets the needs of its main stakeholders in both John Lewis and Waitrose.


To create a shared service maintenance structure that will be fit to support the business growth plans, drive improved customer service, provide simple efficient services, deliver enhanced value for money and offer our Partners an opportunity to achieve great success in their roles.

Waitrose: High Performing Teams & Coaching

What the client says

The Central Specialists have become a much closer team, sharing a common purpose delivered through common business objectives. They have become largely self-managing on a day to day basis, taking responsibility for achieving and improving upon these objectives.

During 2014, the Team have engaged all their key stakeholders including the Maintenance Departments in both John Lewis and Waitrose, sharing their vision, objectives and building stronger relationships and support networks.

Susan Churchill, Manager of Maintenance

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