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How are you using Technology to Increase Productivity?

Increasing productivity was the focus of our latest Business Leaders’ Academy, including the use of technology and automation.

2 years ago I mapped out the specific training Leaders and Managers need.  Then I took a deep breath …  Assuming we have the expertise to design each course, we’d then have to create the course and the materials, market and sell the courses and GET EVERYONE IN THE ROOM AT THE SAME TIME.

The latter is probably the hardest task.  And then I discovered someone had already created everything we need – and put in online, with global 24/7 365 access!  No need to create anything or get anyone into a room.  We now use that as our Online Academy – powered by Mindshop.

Let’s step back a moment.  Why did we want to do this?  Training is NOT our core focus.  Growing business, teams and profits is.  But our leaders and managers need skills to grow their business.  We may be helping them create clear direction, stronger leadership and management teams, accountability and to plan the implementation – but they need to do the work by applying the skills they’ve learned.  The benefit of course is that they get the strong satisfaction of achievement.  Our job is not to take away the challenges – just the headaches, so they can enjoy the challenges and succeeding.  And we can accelerate their growth.


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