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Deep Breath... And Relax! It's BBQ Time for our Peer2Peer Board

The Aspirin Business Peer2Peer Board at our summer BBQ 2021
The Aspirin Business Peer2Peer Board

It's been a gruelling 18 months for everyone, and the business leaders in our Peer2Peer Board are no exception! So we decided to hold a summer wind-down BBQ for our Board members, and it really was a welcome break.

It's even better that we were able to keep it very local, with fantastic food from our own Heath Waring, and excellent bar service from Tyler Brade-Waring!

We're looking forward now to our next board meeting in September, where are members will be committed to further growing their businesses.


If being part of a close-knit group that's committed to help each other grow their businesses and teams appeals to you, check out the details here:


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