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Aspirin Business’s Peer 2 Peer Board – The Launch!

We’ve been talking about the ‘new Leaders Academy’ for ages – so now we can reveal our exciting news, which we hope you’ll be excited about too!

We’ve been running our Leaders Academy and Business Seminars for 4 years now.  We’re always looking to add more value and also passionate about creating communities to share best practice and support as we’ve experienced the frustrations of trying to fix and growing everything by yourself, and how slow and ineffective this is.  That passion and ambition remain.

Over the last 6 months, we’ve discovered a community that’s been incredibly valuable to us in growing our own business and stretching our aspirations. It’s been so valuable, in fact, that Susannah has decided to become a Chair for them and set up our own Peer 2 Peer Board. Our last Leaders Academy in December was phenomenal with tears and laughter. We want to bring this sense of community into our new Board, to ensure it’s engaging, interactive and above all incredibly useful.  Our aim is to create 10 X R.O.I.

What’s in a name?

Peer 2 Peer: As the name suggests, it’s a community of Peers – Directors and Senior Managers, with a shared purpose of significantly growing their businesses.

Board: We create an informal, confidential Board focusing on Strategic Growth and Hot Topics. We share our insights and challenges, and our shared purpose is to accelerate our own and each other’s business and personal success.

We’ll meet monthly for half-a-day followed by lunch, at the beautiful Burley Manor.  Having a great venue is important, it will inspire you and motivate you, and provide a well-deserved treat with your peers.  There will be optional pre-work, allowing us more time to discuss the growth topics and share best practice. Each meeting is confidential and membership is limited.  Members will have a ‘home’ Board, and can visit other Boards on occasion.

The key difference with Peer 2 Peer Boards is they focus specifically, and methodically, on growing your business.  We’ll have access to world-class proven resources and experts to help you grow your business.  We’ll use 90 Day Plans for focus and will hold each other to account to ensure progress – just like a ‘Real’ Board. We’ll also use Growth Workbooks which you can take back to share with your team. 

There are 60 Growth Modules in total, with 3 overarching themes:

Transform your Company Strategy and Culture

Transform your Products and Services

Transform your Business Models

What next?       

Join Heath and Susannah for an informal meeting and drinks to explore the Peer2Peer Board and Growth Modules.  Tuesday 11th June, between 3 and 6pm at Burley Manor.  (Spaces are limited and are by invite or acceptance of a request to join us) It is very important that we have the Business Leaders that want to invest in themselves for the long term and who want to be part of a great Peer 2 Peer Board.

Then we have up to 16 places available to attend the first Peer 2 Peer Board meeting, as our GUEST, to try it out.  This will be on Tuesday 16 July at Burley Manor, 8:15am for 8:45 – 12:45pm followed by lunch.

We’re very excited about this great opportunity to help you significantly grow your business and personal success.  Email us to request a place at our Exploratory Gathering in June and/ or our Taster Board in July. Call or email us with any initial questions.  And let’s grow successfully together!


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