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Rethink. Rebuild. Revitalise:
Refocus your Business with our Strategic Growth Programme

What is the Strategic Growth Programme?

Are you ready to elevate your business to new heights of success? Our Performance Improvement Programme is your key to unlocking unprecedented growth and performance. Tailored exclusively for your organisation, this programme is a unique blend of monthly workshops, one-to-one coaching, and a suite of powerful tools and diagnostics, all designed to supercharge your business performance.

Unlike generic programmes that cater to multiple businesses, ours is a bespoke journey, meticulously crafted to address your unique business challenges and goals. We believe that every business is unique, and so should be the path to its success. That's why our programme is designed with a single business in mind - yours.

Our monthly workshops cover key business topics, from risk management to strategic planning and operational efficiency. Each workshop is an immersive learning experience, providing actionable insights and strategies that you can implement immediately to see tangible improvements in your business.

But the learning doesn't stop at the workshops. Our programme also includes one-to-one business coaching, providing you with personalised guidance and support to help you navigate your unique business challenges. You'll also gain 24/7 access to our Business Hub, a treasure trove of diagnostics and a business toolkit designed to empower you with the resources you need to succeed.

Join us on this transformative journey and experience the power of a programme that's all about your business and your future success.

Just a Few of the Benefits of Joining:


Problem Solving Icon.png

In-The-Room Problem Solving

Business Workout Icon.png

Business Improvement Workshops

Coaching Icon.png

One-to-One Coaching


Example Workshop Agenda:

This workshop agenda was created for a growing B2C business in Bournemouth Town Centre.

Week One: Creating an Extraordinary Experience

How to build a Sustainable Competitive Advantage to create extraordinary experiences for customers and staff.

Week Two: Reconnaissance - Assess and Manage Risks

When's the last time you identified, assessed, and mitigated your top business risks?


Week Three: Reconnaissance - Your Competitive Landscape
How well does your SCA differentiate your from your competitors and delight your customers?


Week Four: Strategic Planning - Define your Ideal Customers
How easily can you describe your ideal clients, their needs and wants, and how you can help them?


Week Five: Strategic Planning - Your Product Mix and Sales Budget
How are you maximising your key income streams for cashflow, profit, and productivity?


Week Six: Strategic Mobilisation - Team Roles and Productivity
Have you got the right people in the right seats? Have you clarified your expectations and priorities?


Week Seven: Strategic Mobilisation - Managing Performance
How do you keep the 'right people in the boat' AND expect high performance from them?


Week Eight: Operational Tune-Up
Uprating your marketing and sales activity to deliver your updated Strategic Plan.

Embark on Your Growth Journey Today


It's been a driving force to improve not just my stores, but also to influence improvements in Bournemouth Town Centre.

Member of a previous programme delivered in partnership with the Bournemouth Town Centre BID

It forces me to take time to manage the business. That's making things better, though it's moving even faster now!

Member of a previous programme delivered in partnership with the Bournemouth Town Centre BID

It helped me redefine who our ideal clients are, which changed during the pandemic.

Member of a previous programme delivered in partnership with the Bournemouth Town Centre BID

What our Clients Say

I have been part of Aspirin's leadership groups for over 3 years now, and it has been fantastic...

Why? Working alongside leaders from non-competing businesses enables everyone to be more open, honest, and generous. Because the delegates within it spend time and effort to help each other with ideas and challenges, and inspire confidence to allow people to make a difference in their businesses.

Ed Bell.jpg

Ed Bell, MD

Lester Brunt Wealth Management

One of the best, if not THE best, organisations I have ever worked with.

"Exceptional management and leadership training. Susannah and Heath really take the time to learn about the organisation, to understand the challenges faced by individuals and teams, as well as focus on broader strategic initiatives and improvements."

Lorraine Hunt, HR Business Partner,



Embark on Your Growth Journey Today

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