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The Top Way to Motivate and Engage Your Team - Podcast

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Join The Business Motivator, Susannah Brade-Waring, in the latest episode of the Impromptu Business Chat Podcast with hosts James Lay and Mark Curtis.

In this episode, Susannah talks about how she motivates and engages her own team, and how she uses powerful tools and strategies to enable her clients to do the same. She acknowledges how motivations are linked to beliefs, and are therefore fluid and change depending on your situation. Everyone has "stuff" going on that can affect what motivates you, and it is important to acknowledge and reflect on it.

Susannah also discusses the importance of a growth mindset and emotional intelligence, and how it is possible to develop these skillsets.

Time stamps:

2:37 - Susannahs background

16:07 - Motivational Maps: 22:34 - How do Motivational Maps differ from psychometric testing?

37:57 - Practical examples of how someone might increase their motivation

General Coaching:

54:24 - Common habits or behaviours running through the best performers

54:48 - What do you see as the biggest issues to overcome over the next year or so.


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