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Qualified Business Advisor

Susannah Brade-Waring has been awarded ‘Accredited Mindshop Facilitator’ (AMSF) status by Mindshop.

Susannah joins an elite international group of business advisors who have completed the courses and requirements to be recognised as an AMSF.

Becoming an AMSF, alongside demonstrating both Value to Others and financial success in business advisory, contributed to Susannah being awarded the prestigious ‘Rising Star of 2017’ award for Mindshop, at the UK Mindshop Conference earlier this year.

Susannah Brade-Waring, Managing Director of Aspirin Business said, “Our clients have a wide variety of challenges and opportunities, and it’s essential that we have the very latest knowledge and the best tools to help them. The tools, programmes and Advisor training provided by Mindshop are world-class, in both their content and their just-in-time style.

AMSF status requires successful completion of 10 of Mindshop 17 programmes, including Strategic Planning, Growth Strategy, Project Team Implementation, Change Success, Leadership Development, Sales Performance, Profit Management, Lean Management, Problem Solving, Personal Growth, Self-Confidence and Coaching/ Developing People.

In addition to these programmes, Mindshop provide 4 Advisor training days each year.  A huge emphasis at each training day is the effect and speed of change and technology on businesses, and the development of ‘best in class’ problem solving and facilitation skills.


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