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No Tricks, Just Treats - for Strong Business, Confident Leadership, and Motivated Teams.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

This Halloween, here are some of our favourite resources for developing stronger businesses, confident leaders, and motivated teams.

All completely free and with no tricks - just treats.


For Building Confident Leaders

The Performance Navigator is perhaps the most loved tool in our Liberating Leadership Programme. It helps leaders be objective when diagnosing performance issues.

There are 2 common ‘types of reason’: is it because they Can’t Do it (Skill), or a Won’t Do (Will) issue? If you’re a supportive leader, you’ll probably assume it’s Skill and invest more time and money in training. If you’re a challenging leader, you’ll probably assume it’s Will, get frustrated and assume you need to reward them more. But .. there are 2 more reasons. 1) 80% of the time, it’s because we’ve not been crystal clear about ‘what good looks like’ – what, when, why, which, who, and sometimes how. 2) Physical and mental well-being.

How to use this tool: Start in Box 1, and use the Change Sheet to list a maximum of 3 performance issues on the left, and on the right-hand side, detailing exactly what you want the person to do instead. (E.g. instead of jobs being delayed due to missing parts, I want you to check the parts have been ordered and delivered on time.) Then proceed to Box 2.

NB: To be truly effective, this tool needs to be used in conjunction with the other 14 Skills (including being assertive and providing just-in-time feedback).


For building Motivated Teams:

What difference would it make if exactly what motivates your team, and use it to boost their engagement and well-being? Motivation is the hidden ingredient that drives performance, retention, well-being and career choice.

With our ‘Practical Guide to Motivation,’ you’ll know the 9 motivators, how they influence behaviour and how to boost them. It’s great for increasing self-awareness, emotional intelligence and much more.


For building Strong Businesses:

Finally, use our Business Health-Check to quickly assess the strength of your business across 10 Critical Success Factors, and identify the Top 3 Strengths and Weaknesses. Decide with your team how to harness your Strengths and fix your Weaknesses for a stronger business.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete, and you won’t get added to any email lists (no tricks, just treats).


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