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Train-the-Trainer in Motivational Maps

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

As well as delivering solutions directly to our clients, we have a separate Train-the-Trainer business.

We’ve recently accredited four Learning & Development professionals equipped to create personal and team transformations using the power of Motivational Maps.

By working at this level of Emotional Intelligence, our new Licensed Practitioners gain a powerful understanding of what’s driving or blocking behaviours and performance.

Congratulations to Kat Healey, Janell White HR MCIPD, Katie Jones and Trish Stretton, and welcome to our family of Motivational Map Practitioners.

Here’s what Kat and Janell had to say:

Motivation is a vital ingredient in high performance, and incorporated into all of our solutions. When our team’s needs are unmet, they’re unable to focus on their work, customers or colleagues. Take a moment to picture a manager with low energy levels and demotivated by taking charge. How effective can they really be? If you are interested in Motivational Maps for yourself or within your business, get in contact with us. We are one of just 5 Senior Practitioners, operating at the highest level within Motivational Maps Practitioners globally.


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