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Motivational Maps Licenced Practitioner Training – The Aspirin Business Way

At Aspirin, we really love Motivational Maps and training wonderful people to use the maps in their business and with their clients.

We would like to say thank you to Suzie Read of R.e.a.d. Coaching, Scotland, (Yes! Suzie travelled to Poole, Dorset from Scotland, thank you!) for her wonderful review of her Motivational Maps Licenced Practitioner Training experience with Aspirin Business.


“Working with Heath, Susannah and Paul from Aspirin Business Solutions continues to be a real pleasure due to their generosity of knowledge, support and insight. As a Licenced Motivational Map Practitioner, trained by Aspirin Business, I feel fully equipped as I use Motivational Maps to begin in-depth Coaching conversations with Clients. In addition to the excellent support on the day of training (not to mention being incredibly well looked after), the support since then has been ongoing to fit my developing knowledge. Aspirin Business Solutions continue to provide me with a robust all round package of training”.

If you are interested in Motivational Maps for yourself or within your business, get in contact with us.  As one of 7 Senior Motivational Maps Practitioners worldwide, with a great team that loves to help develop our Practitioners, it would be wonderful to talk to you about Motivational Maps and what a groundbreaking tool they are.

We really look forward to hearing from you and hopefully for you to join our Motivational Mapping Family of Licensed Practitioners.

We run monthly Practitioner Accreditation Days, call us!!


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