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Employee engagement specialist targets Australian expansion

A Dorset business advisory company specialising in employee engagement has begun expanding its services into Australia and New Zealand.

Aspirin Business Solutions’ first client in Australia is Canberra-based Curijo Pty Ltd, an Aboriginal professional services provider specialising in cultural services and business consultancy.

The expansion follows the award of a coveted licence to distribute an increasingly popular diagnostic and performance improvement tool.

Aspirin Business is a Poole-based firm, and one of just five Senior Practitioners of the tool, Motivational Maps, worldwide.

The ISO-accredited self-perception inventory, based on in-depth personal profiling and data analytics, is designed to strengthen personal and team performance and employee engagement through motivation, so boosting business performance.

As in the UK, target clientele in Australia and New Zealand includes business leaders and managers with ‘train-the-trainer’ licensing available for in-house HR and employee engagement teams and coaching and training companies.

Led by Managing Director Susannah Brade-Waring, Aspirin Business has built a fast-expanding UK client base including leading brands Waitrose, John Lewis, Merlin Entertainments and internet security experts ESET.

Susannah moved into business advisory from a career as a Finance Director in the environmental technology sector.

She said: “I was part of a team that grew a start-up to over £10m turnover and through a management buyout.

“I recognised the significant value gained from engaging hearts as well as minds, and embarked on developing my coaching skills.

“Eventually I started my own company, Aspirin Business, focused on taking the headaches out of building successful businesses through shared best practice and creating high-performing cultures.”

“The Motivational Map licence enables us to deliver both hands-on work and to license and train other Practitioners.

“We already directly support around 50 Motivational Maps Practitioners in the UK.

“This new opportunity in Australia and New Zealand enables us to work with an additional 40 Practitioners there and develop the business even more.

“We’re taking this opportunity to launch a new division called ‘Motivated Performance’ to provide greater focus to this side of our business.

“Over the past two months we’ve spoken with many of the current Practitioners in Australia and we’re fired up by their desire to work with us, their calibre and their enthusiasm for Motivational Maps.”

The Australian in-road has created a further opportunity for expansion as Susannah is already an Accredited Facilitator with the global business advisory solution providers, Mindshop, headquartered in Melbourne.

“Much of the value we bring for our clients lies in building knowledge networks,” said Susannah, who won the European ‘Rising Star’ award for her Mindshop activities last year and will be attending the organisation’s Australian conference on the Gold Coast in May.

“Thanks to Mindshop, we’re already building a trusted network of contacts throughout Australia and New Zealand.

“Now, through Motivational Maps and Mindshop, we are able to provide even more clients with direct access to world-class tools for personal, team and organisational development.”

James Sale, UK-based Creator and Founder of Motivational Maps, said: “Aspirin Business Solutions has been really successful in developing Motivational Maps here at the coaching, consultancy, SME and corporate levels.

“We’re delighted to have appointed them to manage ‘motivational mappers’ in Australia and New Zealand and develop further these exciting, fast-moving markets.

“This is a significant step for both Motivational Maps and Aspirin Business. It will help consolidate our growing, world-wide reputations as go-to solution providers for all people, performance and productivity issues.”

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