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Building Inclusivity - a Powerful Tool by Google

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Google's Inclusivity Builder Tool

Making sure your teams feel heard and included is one of the most valuable things that you as a leader can do to improve the happiness and motivation of your people. A big part of this means promoting diversity and inclusivity, not just in the way that you promote and hire staff, but in the way you think and communicate.

When you build inclusivity into your organisation, your people will all see themselves represented in the brand. You will have fostered a community that expresses self-awareness, better listening, and stronger allyship.

Google have recognised the urgent need for inclusivity, and so have developed a tool, the Inclusivity Builder, to help drive change. Designed to be used at a team or an individual level, the tool identifies areas where you should focus your effort to build your active allyship skills, for example in listening, empathy, accessibility, and more.

Visit the link below to download the tool, and discover more about the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the workplace 👇


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