• Susannah Brade-Waring

Aspirin Business Academy – a very ‘productive’ day for business leaders

“If you want to see tangible improvements in productivity, profitability, innovation and customer service then focus on creating conditions for employees to be engaged & motivated.”

That was the call to action at Aspirins’ first Business Leaders Academy of 2017, attended by senior business leaders and managers from a wide range of organisations, including DNPR, ESET, IEC Engineering, Quest Guardians, Volsen and Waitrose.

ONS figures for 2015 showed productivity at 18 percentage points lower than the rest of the G7 group of leading economies and 30 percentage points lower than the US.

However, attendees heard how research across the globe proved that organisations with high employee engagement & motivation levels regularly outperform those which don’t in this vital area of business – by a similar figure of 18%!