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5 Things I Know Now - Podcast with Dorset Growth Hub

What does it take to bring out the absolute best in you and your business? Ambition, passion and a willingness to give things a go, fail, pivot and adapt. Running your own business for 15 years teaches you a lot of lessons, quickly! Here are some of mine.

Rich Burn and I had great fun recently in Dorset Growth Hub's podcast “5 Things I Know Now”, where we discussed the 5 things that I've learned that enables me to be confident, resilient and happy.

Naturally, I integrate these into the know-how I share with our clients, helping them solve their business headaches, creating confident leadership and interdependent teams.

In this episode, we discussed my 5 Things:

> Building confidence in yourself and your team

> The importance of self-awareness, respect, and empathy in business and life

> The power of building strong relationships

> Being ‘T-Shaped’ to add both depth and breadth to your knowledge and skills

> Innovation - being ahead of the curve but still relatable to your clients

Here are the links to listen in:

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Thanks to Podcast Labs for an inspiring and quality set up too!


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