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Performance Navigator tool

The Performance Navigator Tool

This powerful tool helps leaders accurately and easily diagnose performance issues, understand the underlying reasons, and quickly decide on a course of action to bring about the necessary changes.

This tool comes from our award-winning Liberating Leadership Programme, a 15-hour course delivered over six weekly online workshops that equips Leaders with the skills, clarity, and confidence to transform their dreams into their reality, through their confident leadership of people.

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"The course was far superior to other management courses I have taken in past. It is a must if you want to build a happy, productive and profitable organisation!"

Aaron Thorpe

Aaron Thorpe, Account Executive

Preston Insurance Brokers

How to Diagnose Issues & Take Action Quickly Using the Performance Navigator Tool

The Performance Navigator is such an incredibly powerful tool, but it takes skill and practice to use it to its full potential. And as an experienced business coach, I am very aware of just how busy you are, and therefore can little afford to spend hours figuring it out through trial and error.

So, here is a step-by-step case study from our Liberating Leadership Programme that shows you how the Performance Navigator was used to great effect to diagnose and address a common performance issue.

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