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Our Peer2Peer Boards are a tight-knit group of non-competing business owners who are dedicated to growing their businesses. Your board are committed to taking a half-day per month to step back and look at the business as a whole, seeing what’s working well, and what’s not.

Your fellow members will help to hold you to account, to ensure that you stick to your guns and put plans into action, all facilitated by Susannah, an experienced coach and fellow business owner. Each month has a specific direction to keep you focused, with workshops on topics like profitability, public relations, customer needs, and more.

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"Sharing knowledge with people who’ve got a similar mindset from different industries has given me a real boost and put a spring back into myself and my business."

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Mark Moore, Owner

Moore International

Become a Stronger Leader

The Benefits of Peer2Peer


Build strong connections with a cohort of like-minded business leaders at regular meetings, focused on business growth and problem solving.


Learn from your peers, your chair, and over 40 Skill-Up Workbooks specifically designed to build your leadership ability.


Work on your own specific business challenges and opportunities, with input from your peers and board chair, with our hot-seat sessions.


Discuss strategies and review your progress in confidential one-to-one mentoring sessions with your qualified board chair.


Benefit from being held accountable for your progress in a confidential, supportive Peer Board, who share their Good, their Bad, and their Mad.


Dig deep into your business, with a whole host of world-class resources, including diagnostics, profiling tools, planners, and more.

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"To get the very best from yourself you need to find a forum which works for you and yet you find yourself working to help others succeed within that group. Susannah Brade-Waring is a master at this and Peer to Peer is one such group in which Susannah is training us well enough to leave but we are treated well enough we don’t want to leave - in the words of Richard Branson!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from exploring the concept of P2P to see if it works for you."

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Gina Peters, Partner

Dutton Gregory Solicitors

The Key Difference

What makes the Peer2Peer model stronger than alternative peer networks?

No competing businesses are allowed to join the same network, allowing members to be open and honest about their vulnerabilities and great ideas.

Members are here to learn, not sell. We turn away prospective members who we feel want to join for the wrong reasons, ensuring our board members can trust each other.

Our boards are made up of businesses in similar stages of their growth cycle. This means that your peers will share similar business challenges and opportunities.

We ensure all of our members are committed to the Peer2Peer programme, and attend meetings regularly. It takes commitment to truly grow a business!

Your Peer2Peer Chair


Susannah Brade-Waring is a qualified, award-winning business advisor, trainer and coach. Susannah is a former Finance Director helping to grow Monsal Limited from a start-up to £10 million turnover and then through a successful Management Buy-Out (MBO). Monsal was subsequently acquired by GE.

Since 2008, Susannah has helped business leaders grow their businesses and develop their talent. Clients include John Lewis, Waitrose, Merlin Entertainments, ESET, Poole Housing Partnership, Shire Leasing, Douch Family Funeral Directors, Lester Brunt Wealth Management, Bournemouth Town Centre BID, Dorset Chamber and Dorset Growth Hub.

What Do Other Leaders Say About Peer2Peer Boards?

“I've seen a couple of posts recently that have been asking about Networking events and Peer Group support teams.

Let me be clear. In the past I have hated the concept. You get some people in the room who just want to talk about themselves or sell their products. They don't take time to understand you or look at synergies between your business issues. These people dominate and so everyone else is sidelined.

But my opinion has been changed. I have been part of the Aspirin Business Peer to peer Group for over 18 months now and it has been fantastic...

Why? Working alongside leaders from non-competing businesses enables everyone to be more open, honest and generous.

Because the delegates within it spend time and effort to help each other with ideas, challenges and inspire confidence to allow people to make a difference in their businesses.

It comes from leaving egos at the door and having a skilled facilitator in Susannah Brade-Waring.

So if you aren't satisfied with your Networking Group, you have three options:

1 - Moan about it on LinkedIn.
2 - Change your Group from within by challenging the status quo
3 - Join our Group. We always welcome new members who are looking to share.

I know what I would choose!”

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Ed, MD
Lester Brunt Wealth Management

Quotation Mark - Liberating Leadership Testimonials

Your Journey to Becoming a Stronger Leader Starts with a Single Step

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