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Motivational Maps

We have a Motivational Maps dedicated site! Go here for more information.

The Nine Motivators

Our tool of choice is Motivational Maps, and Aspirin Business are one of just 5 Senior Practitioners globally for this ISO Accredited tool.  Its application is wide-ranging, including the full employee life-cycle from recruitment, through development, promotion and retention, as well as culture, strategy, change and customer engagement.

Essentially Motivational Maps are a phenomenally clever AND user-friendly diagnostic, which translate personal feelings into data, and increase self-awareness, team building, stronger better management and increased performance.

 Aspirin Business

are experts in

 motivation and




Our clients for this include national organisations like John Lewis, Merlin Entertainment and Waitrose, as well as many owner-managed and family businesses. Most use motivation and engagement to successfully navigate change, including significant business growth, succession planning, innovation and restructuring, as well as to attract and retain their talent.

Each Motivational Map is completed on-line in just 12 minutes, and provides an instant, personalised 14 page user-friendly report with:

Key motivators and demotivators

Current motivation level

Strategies to increase motivation

Once the Individual Motivational Maps are completed, they are compiled into both Team and Organisational Motivational Maps, providing leaders and managers with:​

All motivation data for individuals, teams, and the whole organisation

Comparisons between individuals and teams

insights into likely causes of conflicts, alliances, strengths, and weaknesses

We highly recommend that leaders and managers try a Motivational Map for themselves, alongside the feedback we’ll provide, before offering this to their teams.


This increases engagement and trust, as well as a benchmark for comparison and to deepen understanding.

Download an example of an individual's Motivational Map, or take a look at our sister site, Motivated Performance.

Train the Trainer

As Senior Practitioners we accredit Client Practitioners within organisations. We license them to use the Motivational Maps, and train them in how to analyse the data and provide feedback to individuals and managers.

We also accredit and train coaches and trainers as Licensed Practitioners, to use Motivational Maps within their own businesses.

Motivational Maps are accredited to ISO/IEC 17065, which certifies and endorses the fact that the Motivational Maps profiling tool provides unbiased accurate data and conformance with the latest legislation.

Motivational Maps deliver highly accurate, affordable and easy to use solutions to help recruit, develop and retain the talent and teams who’ll deliver your business strategy.

What can Motivational Maps tell you?

In this example of one manager’s Motivational Map, we can compare the importance of each motivator to how satisfied it is.  The data reveals:

  • This manager’s need to make a difference (Searcher 2nd column) is totally satisfied (100%), but...

  • their need to feel free and act autonomously (Spirit 1st column) is unsatisfied at 40%.

  • They feel isolated, and that they don’t belong (Friend, 9th column)...

  • and feel undervalued and recognised (Star, 6th column).

As a result they feel underpaid (Builder, 8th column) in relation to the difference they’re making vs the experience they’re receiving.  They are considering their future with this company.


This data can be used at a team and organisational level to determine management style, reward strategies and culture, based on actual data from your team,  NOT assumptions, industry norms, or ‘what we’ve always done’.

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