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Defining Direction:
How Heather Reinvented Leadership at Ammtek Ltd

Defining Direction: 
How Heather Reinvented Leadership at Ammtek Ltd

At A Glance


Heather from Ammtek Ltd aspired to refine her leadership abilities through the Liberating Leadership Programme.


She embarked on a comprehensive course, learning to vision, mobilise, and develop strategies while improving direct communication.


Her new high-support, high-challenge approach promises to foster an empowering and developmental environment for her team.


Heather found the programme transformative, solidifying her leadership style and identifying areas for strategic improvement.

"The Liberating Leadership Programme was transformative. It offered me valuable insights, and I learned to communicate my expectations more directly. I am now equipped to provide high support and pose necessary challenges to my team. This experience has reshaped my leadership approach, and I am confident it will significantly enhance our team's performance and growth."

Defining Direction: 
How Heather Reinvented Leadership at Ammtek Ltd

Heather Martyn

Business Development Manager

Ammtek Ltd

The Brief

Heather, a seasoned Business Development Manager at Ammtek Ltd, recognized opportunities for further enhancing her leadership skills, building upon her already strong leadership foundation. Comfortable with her current style and outcomes, she was keen to explore new perspectives and strategies to elevate her leadership effectiveness. Her goal was to deepen her understanding of her leadership approach and refine her techniques for even greater efficiency.

What We Did

Heather embarked on the Liberating Leadership Programme, a powerful approach addressing key facets of leadership. The programme helped her comprehend leadership dynamics, specifically visioning, mobilising, developing, and enabling. She also discovered the power of direct expression, learning to articulate her expectations and disappointments clearly. Furthermore, the underlying beliefs questionnaire illuminated areas she excelled in, as well as areas requiring more consistent application, such as posing challenges.

The Results

Through the programme, Heather grew more self-aware, identifying her strengths and weaknesses, and confidently realigning her leadership approach. She successfully adopted a high-support, high-challenge quadrant, crucial in facilitating optimum results. The teachings of Maya Angelou and Evelyn Kay significantly influenced her, resonating with her personal and professional journey. Consequently, Heather is excited about applying her refined leadership skills, particularly with the integration of young employees, acknowledging that their development will be more robust due to her enhanced leadership.

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