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Challenge to Triumph: Re-Energising Team Morale at Dutton Gregory Solicitors

Challenge to Triumph: Re-Energising Team Morale at Dutton Gregory Solicitors

At A Glance


Emma Honey aimed to boost leadership prowess and team morale at Dutton Gregory Solicitors.


Emma partook in the Liberating Leadership Programme, focusing on delegation, feedback, and clear objectives.


Increased team morale, productivity, and efficient work management through initiatives like the tray system.


Emma found the programme revelatory, significantly ameliorating her leadership and team dynamics.

"Engaging with the Liberating Leadership Programme has been an enlightening journey. Learning to balance support and challenge, coupled with efficient delegation, has been a game-changer. Our team is now more collaborative, productive and motivated. I feel more confident in handling tough conversations and setting clear objectives. The warmth and appreciation from my team have been the best rewards..."

Challenge to Triumph: Re-Energising Team Morale at Dutton Gregory Solicitors

Emma Honey

Chartered Legal Executive

Dutton Gregory Solicitors

The Brief

Emma Honey, a Chartered Legal Executive at Dutton Gregory Solicitors, sought to bolster her leadership skills and enhance team morale amidst considerable departmental change. The flux of personnel and lowered team morale spurred the need for improved leadership and team dynamics.

What We Did

Emma embarked on the Liberating Leadership Programme, focusing on key areas like handling difficult conversations, balancing support with challenge, and efficient delegation. She learned the value of setting clear objectives, providing regular feedback, and involving her team in decision-making processes. A noteworthy initiative she implemented was a tray system to streamline how work requests were managed, ensuring clarity and timeliness.

The Results

Emma's development journey was marked by key learnings that catalysed changes in her leadership approach. Her commitment to providing just-in-time feedback, coupled with clearer objectives and expectations, yielded an uplift in team morale. Embracing the concept of 'micro vision', she involved the admin support team in initial inquiries, liberating solicitors' time and empowering the admin team. Emma’s strides in leadership were reflected through the heartfelt responses she received when acknowledging the team’s efforts via email, demonstrating an evident positive change.

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