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Breaking Down Silos: How Caspian One Fostered Collaboration Through Leadership Training

Breaking Down Silos: How Caspian One Fostered Collaboration Through Leadership Training

At A Glance


Caspian One aimed to strengthen leadership skills through the Liberating Leadership Programme.


Participants underwent a six-week course, reinforcing leadership attributes and addressing knowledge gaps with tools like Motivational Mapping.


Mike’s ‘Micro Vision’ initiative significantly increased team collaboration and business opportunities through effective communication and goal setting.


Mike found the programme transformative, highlighting the revelation of essential leadership aspects and the practical application of acquired skills.

"The Liberating Leadership Programme has been eye-opening. It not only strengthened my core beliefs but also revealed essential aspects of leadership I hadn't considered. The skills and insights gained have been transformative, as seen in the 'Micro Vision' initiative that fostered incredible collaboration and positivity within the team.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and I'm thrilled about the endless opportunities ahead."

Breaking Down Silos: How Caspian One Fostered Collaboration Through Leadership Training

Mike Forbes

Delivery Manager

Caspian One

The Brief

Caspian One, a competitive firm in the recruitment industry, identified the need to strengthen its leadership competencies. Mike, who had recently joined the company, was eager to develop his managerial skills. Caspian One took the initiative to enrol Mike and other members in the Liberating Leadership Programme. The primary objective was to cultivate leadership capabilities and elevate the team's efficacy.

What We Did

Mike and his colleague joined our six-week Liberating Leadership Programme. The course fortified Mike’s inherent leadership beliefs, such as positive regard and focusing on behaviours. Moreover, it highlighted and addressed knowledge gaps, teaching Mike to be more assertive and provide timely feedback. Through Motivational Mapping, Mike discovered that his strengths lay in being a Friend, Defender, and Expert. However, he realised the importance of embracing the ‘Director’ role for effective leadership.

One of the key applications was the introduction of a ‘Micro Vision’. Mike observed that members focusing on business development and account management often operated in silos. To counter this, he instituted an initiative aimed at enhancing collaboration among team members. Using the Liberating Leadership methodology, he set a clear agenda, fostered communication, and established actionable goals.

The Results

Mike’s ‘Micro Vision’ demonstrated the tangible benefits of applying the skills gained from the programme. His vision aimed at increasing job inflow and encouraging collaboration to capitalise on each member’s strengths. This endeavour proved highly successful. Where there was previously a tendency towards isolated thinking, team members began to engage and share their expertise. There was a palpable sense of camaraderie and open-mindedness that was absent before. This initiative not only bolstered the team’s cohesion but also positively impacted the business through the influx of opportunities and sales.

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