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Rethink. Rebuild. Revitalise your Business with our Strategic Growth Programme

Designed for Business Leaders in Bournemouth, delivered by Aspirin Business Solutions, and brought to you by Bournemouth Town Centre BID.


About the Programme

Comprising of eight monthly half-day workshops held in Bournemouth, the Strategic Growth Programme is designed for a diverse range of businesses, all seeking to strengthen their operations and contribute to a thriving local community. This programme is suitable for organisations across various industries, including: Nightclubs, Cafés, Estate agents, Opticians, and Retail stores.

These businesses share a common goal: to be part of a community focused on building stronger businesses and creating a vibrant town centre for both locals and visitors. The programme encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing among non-competing organisations, ensuring that participants can learn from each other's experiences and tackle challenges together.

By joining the Strategic Growth Programme, businesses from different sectors can work collectively towards enhancing their marketing and sales activities, improving customer experiences, and ultimately driving growth for their organisations and the local community.

Benefits of Joining the Programm

In-The-Room Problem Solving

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Business Improvement Workshops

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One-to-One Coaching

Programme Overview

The Strategic Growth Programme focuses on creating extraordinary experiences, conducting business reconnaissance, strategic planning, strategic mobilisation, and operational tune-up to boost your marketing and sales activity.

Creating an Extraordinary Experience

To attract and retain ideal customers and employees, their experience needs to be extraordinary. We’ll explore how to create and deliver Sustainable Competitive Advantage, as well as the obstacles that get in our way.


Assess the current situation for internal and external risks, and your competitors. This will be supported by a one-to-one workshop, including a strategic SWOT on your business and team performance to identify some quick wins as well as more strategic areas to review.

Strategic Planning

Develop your ideal customer persona and your income matrix, and problem-solve to improve your products and services.

Strategic Mobilisation

Refine your team roles, objectives, and measures, then develop your performance management skills.

Operational Tune-Up

Boosting your marketing and sales activity.

What Our Participants Say

"It’s been a driving force to improve not just my stores, but also to influence improvements in Bournemouth Town Centre."

"I’ve received huge value from sharing and getting together with other business owners and leaders"

"It forces me to take time to manage the business. That’s making things better, though it’s moving even faster now!"

"It’s helped me redefine who our ideal clients are, which changed during the pandemic"

Workshop Details

The Strategic Growth Programme offers a convenient and accessible schedule for busy professionals, with meetings held twice a month on Monday mornings. Here are the key details:


Frequency: 2 breakfast meetings per month
Time: Monday mornings, 8:00 – 9:30am
Dates: TBA
School Holidays: Meetings will avoid school holidays to accommodate participants with family commitments
Venues: Town centre locations, providing easy access for local businesses


This carefully planned schedule ensures that participants can consistently attend meetings and engage with the programme, while balancing their professional and personal responsibilities. By choosing town centre venues, the Strategic Growth Programme fosters a sense of community and supports the goal of creating a vibrant town centre for locals and visitors.

Join the Strategic Growth Programme Today

Interested in refocusing your business? Secure one of only 12 places by signing up today.

Get in touch at:

01202 985112

NB: The Strategic Growth Programme is NOT about influencing the council, changing infrastructure, parking fees or anything else that we or the BID cannot change.

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