Aspirin Business are experts in motivation and engagement.

Our clients for this include national organisations like John Lewis, Merlin Entertainment and Waitrose, as well as many owner-managed and family businesses.  Most use motivation and engagement to successfully navigate change, including significant business growth, succession planning, innovation and restructuring, as well as to attract and retain their talent.

You’ll know when you’ve created a motivated and engaged team when it feels like a great place to work, when it’s easy to attract and retain talent and when you create profitable growth consistently.  But, it’s not easy …  and that creates opportunities for businesses with motivated and focused teams to stay ahead of the curve, even in uncertain times.

Highly engaged employees are:

  • 18% more productive
  • 49% less likely to leave
  • 480% more committed to their employers’ success

which increases customer satisfaction by 12% and profit by 16% (source: Engage for Success).

Engaging managers have the most impact on employee engagement, performance and retention. The evidence shows engaging managers agree clear objectives, coach and stretch their team and tackle dysfunctional behaviour well.

Our own experience at Aspirin Business has demonstrated significant benefits by combining data-driven motivation strategies alongside employee engagement strategies. These create a personalised approach that helps each individual feel valued and recognised, and helps create a feeling of achievement and personal satisfaction.


Our tool of choice for this is Motivational Maps.  We support clients in using this for:

  1. The Employee Life-cycle – from recruitment, through development, recognition and reward, team-building and promotion
  2. Leadership and Management Development
  3. Team Building
  4. Improving Performance and Ownership
  5. Creating a motivating Vision and Business Strategy
  6. Mapping and developing cultures and values
  7. Customer Engagement


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