Powerful Diagnostics

Diagnostics are essential in prioritising investments – investments in time, money and energy.  Their value includes:

  • Identifying what’s working well
  • Identifying what’s not
  • Prioritising areas for improving
  • Identifying opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Increasing shared awareness and buy-in, enabling everyone to pull together

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Motivation & Engagement

Aspirin Business are experts in motivation and engagement.

Our clients for this include national organisations like John Lewis, Merlin Entertainment and Waitrose, as well as many owner-managed and family businesses.  Most use motivation and engagement to successfully navigate change, including significant business growth, succession planning, innovation and restructuring, as well as to attract and retain their talent.

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Team Building

Are your teams actually teams, or groups of people?

Do they create significantly greater value through their relationships with each other, in the way they collaborate and combine their strengths?

We have significant experience of building strong teams, including:

  • Senior Teams
  • Management Teams
  • Project Teams

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Strategy, Mission & 30 Day Plans

We have supported many clients with facilitated workshops to debate, clarify and agree their Business Strategy, 12 Month Missions and Action Plans.  Our proven process provides the framework for robust discussions, whilst our skills as facilitators and coaches ensures positive conversations, and agreed outcomes everyone buys into.

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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

The world’s leading companies routinely invest in providing coaching and in training their managers to use coaching to develop and manage their people, increasing both innovation and business agility. Coaching encourages ownership and problem solving, rather than blindly following routines.

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Leadership & Management Development

Traditionally Leadership and Management skills were learned on-the-job, through observation and experience of what worked well and didn’t.  This was a slow process, resulting in many casualties – disengaged employees and managers, and sub-optimal performance.

Whilst on-the-job learning is essential, the best performing organisations fast-track and optimise Leadership and Management development, often using external experts.

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Innovation & Continuous Improvement

The challenges for today’s leaders and managers are very different.  These challenges include:

  • more informed and demanding employees, e.g. Millennials’ expectations of work
  • global competition and opportunities
  • fast-paced technology changes and automation
  • more informed and demanding customers
  • uncertain market conditions, including Brexit

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Facilitated Workshops

Coaching and mentoring form our whole approach, including our approach to workshops.  We use facilitation to create the optimal conditions for the outcomes requires.

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