The business case for Motivated Performance

Observation and experience demonstrates the significance of people skills and, in recent years, numerous research has demonstrated a direct link to key business metrics including customer satisfaction, innovation, productivity, profitability, quality and safety. However, only approximately 30% of employees are engaged.

Our Profitable Growth Formula demonstrates how the key business drivers connect:

Motivated Performance Model

At Aspirin Business, we have measured the motivation of many hundreds of people and reviewed its drivers and impact. Our observations demonstrate that motivation is a critical and significant component of employee engagement and that productivity is both a contributor to and an outcome of motivation.

This led to the creation of our Motivated Performance model.

Making a difference for our clients is our core driver, and every interaction reflects this. Each project is determined by our clients’ needs in terms of scope, duration and delivery style.

Project levels include: Fine Tune, Boost and Accelerate.

Retainer services include:

  • Academy – 1.5 hour support per month, plus MSOL plus Academy
  • Strategic Partnership – 0.5 to 1 day pcm, plus Academy

Customer Centric

Delivery Styles

  • Blended Learning (a combination of in-person and online learning)
  • Online
  • One to ones (face to face, online or telephone)
  • Workshops
  • Business Improvement Projects