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Hello and welcome to Bournemouth Town Centre BID’s Strategic Growth Programme


If you’ve been invited to join this Programme, here are the next steps:  


Here are the Next Steps:

  • Please make your payment of £250 + VAT. Note: you’ll get this back if you attend every meeting.


  • Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll add you to our Members’ List and we’ll send out diary appointments for each meeting.


  • Early September, we’ll email you a Motivational Map profile to complete and a link to book a 30-minute feedback session into my diary.  This helps us both know what’s most and least important to you at work, and will help us create your personalised Growth Plan.


  • I’ll see you at the first meeting, on Monday 18th September at 8:00am.  Venue: All Fired Up Ceramics

BTC BID Strategic Growth Programme - Commitment Fee

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