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"Thank you for what has proved to be the most effective and productive day for me in a long while. It feels like the catalyst for great things. I look forward to more..."

Gina Peters, Partner at Dutton Gregory, Solicitors

Check out our video or download our brochure for more in-depth information about what joining our Peer 2 Peer Board can do for your business.

Membership Criteria

 To gain maximum value from our Peer 2 PeerBoard   Meetings,membership criteria is:

  • Business Owner, Director

  • Or on the Senior Leadership Team

  • Typical turnover is £0.5m to £50m

  • Minimum no. of employees is 10 although alternative criteria will be considered, e.g. franchise owners, licensors.

As a community of

Directors and Senior Managers...

We'll inspire and hold each other to account to achieve the growth objectives for our business

We'll be inspired and challenged with 'hot seat' Mastermind Sessions...

Each month, a member pitches their business and asks for help resolving a strategic problem or opportunity. Together, the board coaches the member, asks questions, and offers solutions.

We'll use 90 Day plans & Growth workshops to transform...

-Our Strategy and Culture

-Our Products and Services

-Our Business Models

Your Peer 2 Peer Chair - Susannah Brade-Waring

informal & confidential

Focusing on strategic growth

& hot topics

Share insights and challenges

Delivering 10x ROI

Susannah Brade-Waring is a qualified, award-winning business advisor, trainer and coach. Susannah is a former Finance Director helping to grow Monsal Limited from a start-up to £10 million turnover and then through a successful Management Buy-Out (MBO). Monsal was subsequently acquired by GE.

Since 2008, Susannah has helped business leaders grow their businesses and develop their talent. Clients include John Lewis, Waitrose, Merlin Entertainments, ESET, Poole Housing Partnership, Shire Leasing, Douch Family Funeral Directors, Lester Brunt Wealth Management, Bournemouth Town Centre BID, Dorset Chamber and Dorset Growth Hub.

Simon Hawtrey-Coombs: Founder of Peer 2 Peer Explains...

The Impact of Peer 2 Peer, for Aspirin Business

3 Component Parts of Peer 2 Peer, for Aspirin Business

Each board has a PURPOSE, a FOCUS, and an AGENDA 


For this example board:

Purpose: Give business leaders more clarity, direction, and continuous inspiration.

Focus: Gain & Retain your ideal customers and develop stronger business models.

Example Agenda

8:15 - 8:45

8:45 - 9:45

9:45 - 10:35

10:35 - 10:45

10:45 - 11:45

11:45 - 12:15

12:15 - 13:00

Members Catch Up (tea, coffee, and water)

Welcome & "Round the Table " Updates and Actions

The Skill-Up Workshop - "Develop Stronger Business Models"

Power Break (10 mins, tea, coffee, and water)

"Hot Seat" - The Mastermind Pitch & Issue Opportunity

Mastermind Solutions

Your Key Insights & Calls to Action, followed by Lunch

One 2 One & Non-Exec on Demand for Key Issues (Optional)

13:00 - 15:00

Christopher Bayliss - Creator of FastGrowth Explains...

The Pedigree behind the FastGrowth Workshops and the Vector Boards

The Impact of FastGrowth and Peer 2 Peer Boards

The Growth Workshops form a key part of your Peer 2 Peer experience, helping you gain direction, form new ideas, and create experiences.

Growth Workshops

Example 1

Transform your Company Culture

Create your clear, compelling company direction

  • Remove your strategic barriers for FastGrowth

  • Create your compelling company purpose and guiding principles

  • Develop your winning attitude towards FastGrowth

  • Develop your strategic and inspiring leadership

Fully engage your people in this direction

  • Organise your company for FastGrowth

  • Create your effective strategy board

  • Recruit the right people for your team

  • Coach your people for FastGrowth

  • Confront people about performance

Why Peer 2 Peer?

The Key Difference

Peer 2 Peer Boards focus specifically and methodically on growing your business. We'll have access to world-class proven resources and experts to help you grow your business. We'll use 90 day plans for focus, and will hold each other to account to ensure progress - just like a "real" board.

What's in a name?

A Community of Peers, Directors, and Senior Managers, with a shared purpose of significantly growing their businesses.

An informal, confidential Board focusing on strategic growth and hot topics.

A place to share insights and challenges in confidence and learn from each other.

Your Commitment


Regular attendance at our monthly Board meetings (ex. August). If you're unable to attend, invite a colleague or visit another board instead.

Quarterly mentoring sessions with your Peer 2 Peer Chair.

World-Class Resources to gain insight into your business and yourself, including 90-Day planning tools

What do peer 2 peer members have to say?

“Whilst part of the Vector Fast Growth Peer board program the workshops provided significant impact for my agency business. Throughout the 6 years of involvement we achieved continual year on year growth, more than doubling our turnover, profit and employee numbers. From 2008 to 2014 we grew our team to over 20 full time staff and most significantly as a direct result of one workshop we transformed our cash-flow by setting out a plan to shift from 6 month credit terms with one large client to advanced annual payments of over £300k per year, which ran for 3 consecutive years.”

Ross Thornley, Founder and MD of RT Brand Communications Ltd.

“I became Managing Director by default. I was the Sales Director in 2006 when our MD decided to leave to pursue his dreams in Australia. Suddenly I found everybody was looking at me to become the business leader.

I needed an education and I needed support. Nobody can truly prepare you for the responsibility, the loneliness and the pressure of being the ultimate boss in your business. You can’t ever truly share that with people in your business either. What I needed was a network of great people facing and dealing with the same challenges and a mentor with wisdom and experience.

There are no words that do justice to the value I got from working with a peer 2 peer board once a month for 10 years and sharing the learning and wisdom of Christopher Bayliss and a group of fantastic, driven entrepreneurs who would go on to become close friends and confidantes. I learned to become a Managing Director and a better leader. I will forever be grateful for what I learned and for the support and stimulation of those comrades.

I worked through 60+ workbooks with this group – learning from my peers as much as our mentor and group facilitator. We learned about growing and building a more valuable business.

We live in a fast-changing world. The business grew, flourished, faced new challenges and then grew again.

Now I have two colleagues involved with the Peer 2 Peer learning groups as they prepare to take the reigns and face the challenges of running, growing and building the value of this business in the years to come.”

Paul Tansey, Managing Director of Intergage

“The Peer 2 Peer formula immerses every member in an environment of growth for the individual, the business leader, their teams and businesses. The powerful suite of workbooks drives me to work on my businesses and break habits of working in my businesses too much. The hot seat sessions expand and reinforce my business acumen and the non-exec board on demand provides vital consultation forums. Through Peer 2 Peer I have set, achieved and smashed transformational goals, explored opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have existed and become part of a community which seeks collective success. I genuinely look forward to my monthly Peer 2 Peer board, it’s therapy for entrepreneurs.”

Samantha Acton, Founder and Director of Domestic Angels Franchising and Paxan Solutions

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