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Management Development Programme

Accelerate Team Performance

Without all the Headaches

Increase the desire and capability of your managers to be more and do more.

"Our Leaders & Managers were immediately equipped with the tools to work more effectively and professionally with their teams. Handling difficult conversations with confidence, improved time management and the ability to deliver presentations with poise, were just a few of the noticeable skills that were considerably improved."

Mary Furness, Head of HR, ESET UK


rich burn.jfif

"A great course. I couldn't
recommend it enough. So many tips and ideas shared that I have put into place already."

Rich Burn

Digital Projects Manager Dorset Growth Hub

toni taylor.PNG

"Really enjoyed these sessions. Feel like I have learnt so many great tools
to help me support my team even further! Thanks so much!."
Toni Taylor

Operations Director


Helen craig.jfif

"Thank you! I really enjoyed the course. It was very practical, and outlined a number of tools that I now use on a day to day basis."
Helen Craig

Software Analyst and Project Manager

Nuffield Technologies


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for today. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the first workshop and are very excited about the training.”
Lorraine Hunt

Corporate Learning & Development Lead


HPLM Brochure people round table.jpg

Who Should Attend?

This programme is designed for those who want to strengthen their confidence and capability to manage teams and lead business improvements.

Programme Objectives:

  • A clear understanding of Leadership and Management.

  • Skill building – knowing and practising how to be a more effective leader and manager.

  • Increased emotional intelligence.

  • Interactive, enjoyable and confidence building sessions – which also contain enough variety and knowledge so there’s something for everyone.

  • Networking skills and relationship building between the attendees.

  • Practice presenting and collaborative problem solving.

HPLM Programme Example.PNG
Aspirin 53.jpg

Examples of 30-Day Projects

  • Improved time management for self and team

  • Improved recruitment and induction process

  • Improved team well-being

  • Evaluated and improved marketing plan

  • Improved delegation to team members

  • Improved data & KPI performance

  • Increased sales through improved social media usage

  • Team collaboration to improve a process

  • Cost evaluation & saving

What Are The Workshops About?

Here's an example:


Taking Ownership & Being Proactive

Problem Solving

Business-Improvement Projects

SMART Goal Setting

Practical Use of Planning Tools & Kick-Off 30-Day Projects


Updates on 30-Day Projects

Locus of Control

Stress Management

Leadership & Management Differences

Creating Empowering Beliefs

Time Management


30-Day Presentations


Situational Management

Managing Difficult Conversations

Disengaged & Demotivated People

Employee Engagement & Motivation

Aspirin's Approach

Building stronger businesses faster, without all the headaches.
Our approach is based on over 20 years of business experience.

VALUE the talent in your people by encouraging them to share their experience, which builds trust and understanding

ACTIVE learning through application to real-life problems and opportunities, to increase knowledge retention and ROI

LEVERAGE your investment by tailoring to meet your specific needs

USE world-class models & tools to engage & deepen the learning

ENGAGE participants in a safe enjoyable experience where they are comfortable being stretched.

Everyone at their best is hard to beat

Not any old business can say its people enjoy the thrill of being at their best, making a difference, feeling valued and successful.

Not any old business motivates its people to perform, innovate and achieve.

If you don't want to be any old business, we'll help lift you and your people to new heights of success.

The programme can be delivered in-house and tailored to suit your needs.
Download our brochure to find out more.


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