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Balancing Acts: How Tanya Sharpened Leadership Dynamics at YRH Finance Team

Balancing Acts: How Tanya Sharpened Leadership Dynamics at YRH Finance Team

At A Glance


Tanya aimed to enhance leadership skills and confidence through the Liberating Leadership Programme.


She underwent a transformative journey, identifying motivating factors, and implementing thoughtful planning and assertiveness.


Her insights into profitability and comprehensive planning boosted company profits and enabled seamless team collaboration.


The programme was uplifting and a game changer in her leadership approach, showcasing lasting impacts both professionally and personally.

"Embracing the Liberating Leadership Programme was truly uplifting. I learned to balance support and challenge, focusing on listening to my team and planning thoughtfully. Implementing these insights led to higher profits and a more cohesive team. It's a game changer in my approach to leadership, and I constantly strive to use this knowledge moving forward."

Balancing Acts: How Tanya Sharpened Leadership Dynamics at YRH Finance Team

Tanya Spicer

Head of Finance

The Brief

Tanya, Head of Finance, was keen to explore leadership dynamics, balancing support and challenge. Amidst changing roles, she wanted to be a great leader, yet the exact pathway was unclear. Her goal was to improve self-awareness, assertiveness, and effective planning was apparent, and the Liberating Leadership Programme promised a solution, offering practical techniques to blend into both her work and home life.

What We Did

The programme steered Tanya through a transformational journey, helping her identify her Motivating factors, honing her listening skills, understand her team's priorities, and making comprehensive plans. For instance, her method of approaching reporting deadlines and profitability analysis took on a new, more thoughtful and structured form. This was complemented by engaging her team and directors, aligning them towards common goals, especially in automation projects.

The Results

The outcome was transformative for Tanya. Her insights and application of the programme led to the identification and discounting of unprofitable products, boosting company profits. Her new-found assertiveness allowed her to rally her team behind shared projects, creating seamless collaboration. This experience was not just a confidence booster but a mindset changer, laying a foundation for continued personal and professional growth.

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