Liberating Leadership

An award-winning programme dedicated to creating bottom-line results by developing high-performance, self-managing teams.

"A very common sense approach to bringing about real and very sustainable improvements in performance."

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Paul Thompson, Owner

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Effective leaders aren't charismatic storybook heroes. They are ordinary people who discovered a better way of working.

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A Mindset, a Process, and a set of Skills shared by high-performing leaders that took 25+ years of research to discover.

Now, we can teach it to you.

Become an Effective Leader

Liberating Leadership is an award winning six-week programme designed to transform you into an exceptional leader who challenges and supports their team, enabling them to be happier, more productive, and more independent.

This programme is designed for current and future leaders who are willing to grow themselves first, and have the patience, authority and determination to evolve their teams’ focus and behaviour by using this proven methodology consistently and for as long as it takes.

The Benefits of Liberating Leadership

liberating leadership reduced absenteeism

Lower Sickness & Absenteeism

liberating leadership reduce recruitment cost

Reduce Recruitment Costs

liberating leadership increase retention

Increase Staff Retention

liberating leadership improved task completion

Faster & Improved Task Completion

liberating leadership boost morale

Boost Individual & Team Morale

liberating leadership solve people problems

Get to the Root of People Problems


Every Big Journey Should Start with a Map

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Before a leader can manage their team, they first need to learn how to manage themselves. When you join our Liberating Leadership Programme, we will start with a Motivational Map™ and coaching session. You will discover exactly what drives you and how this impacts your work, building emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

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Then, find your starting point with the Liberating Leadership diagnostic tools, and identify your current leadership belief system and skill set. Compare your results with those of highly effective leaders, giving you a clear picture of where you need to go.

Over the course of six, weekly, 2.5 hour online sessions, we will teach you the Mindset, Process, and Skills of a high-performing leader. After each session, you will walk away with new knowledge and ideas that you can implement into your leadership style with immediate effect.

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At the end of the course, we will review all you have learned, take a look back, and see how far you have come.

Your Journey to Becoming a Truly Effective Leader Starts with a Single Step

What Do Other Leaders Say About the Programme?

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“The Underlying Beliefs questionnaire have really made me reflect on my leadership style. I have done lots of leadership and management training, but now I wish I’d done the Liberating Leadership Programme 30 years ago.  I would have been a different kind of leader.”

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Your Journey to Becoming a Truly Effective Leader Starts with a Single Step