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The Space for Leaders to Connect, Learn, & Build High-Performance Teams.

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The Liberating Leadership Academy brings together ambitious business leaders like yourself in an online platform designed to support your ongoing development, helping you to:

  • Bring Confident Leadership into your workplace

  • Reinforce your skills and create High-Performing Teams

  • Move the business forward and realise Profitable Growth

Leadership is Ever-Changing

The world of leadership is ever-changing. As Leaders, we have to stay constantly on the ball to ensure that we stay fit and at our best.

What this means, something that many leadership courses forget, is that skills can't just be taught - they have to be maintained and updated. Without it, there's a chance that you'll forget what you've worked hard to learn and, with external pressures, will lapse into undesirable behaviours like over-supporting your team.

We understand this, which is why we created the Liberating Leadership Academy: an online community and resource library exclusive to those like you who have completed our Liberating Leadership Programme. It is designed to keep you up-to-date with the skills you learned during the programme, give you new tools and resources to help make your leadership stronger, and present opportunities to network and connect with your peers.

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"I was part of a 6-week Liberating Leadership zoom course and it was brilliant. I have particularly benefitted from training on developing a feedback culture within a team, and adapting management styles to each employee/team member depending on their specific motivators. Thank you, Susannah!"
Rowena Smith

Rowena Smith
Treecall Consulting

The Benefits

What you will find in the Liberating Leadership Academy:

  • The Liberating Leadership Lunch Club - a monthly 45-minute online networking and peer-learning session where we'll discuss new trends, showcase tools, and develop skills.

  • Check-Ins and Community Posts - stay up-to-date with your training with reminders and progress-checks for the skills you learned as a part of your Liberating Leadership Programme.

  • The Resource Library - get ongoing access to our ever-growing Liberating Leadership Library, which includes the diagnostics, tools, the skill videos, along with new resources as they are developed.

  • Networking Opportunities with Like-Minded Leaders and Managers - share stories, experiences, and ideas with your peers in the Academy, and across our larger network, Aspirin's Business Community.

  • Highly Discounted Refresher Training - a 7.5-hour fast-track course that helps you to check your progresses as a Liberated Leader and maximise the effectiveness of the programme. It is highly recommended 6-12 months after your initial programme..

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"Having just completed the Liberating Leadership Course via zoom, I would be more than happy to recommend this to any other aspiring leaders, managers and business owners. Through a combination of a great leader/ teacher in Susannah, the theory and resources provided this course has already had a positive impact! The course was far superior to other management courses I have taken in past. It is a must if you want to build a happy, productive and profitable organisation!"
Aaron Thorpe

Aaron Thorpe
Preston Insurance Brokers

About Us

We are Aspirin Business Solutions: trusted business advisors for nearly 20 years. Our mission? To help solve your business headaches.

Our pragmatic approach is based on decades of experience across all arms of business, from finance to HR, sales to directing. Based in Dorset, England, we are a trusted name across the professional community.

Now, we're building the Liberating Leadership Academy to bring ambitious leaders together and support them with a suite of world-class diagnostics, tools, live events, and more.

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"Exceptional management and leadership training and one of the best, if not THE best, organisations I have ever worked with.

​Susannah and Heath really take the time to learn about the organisation, to understand the challenges faced by individuals and teams, as well as focus on broader strategic initiatives and improvements."

Lorraine Hunt
HR Digital Academy



We focus on providing our clients with simple solutions to complex business headaches, and this includes our simple, transparent pricing.

Bill Monthly

1-Month Free Trial, then

£12/month exc. VAT

Exclusive Professional Communities

Powerful tools, diagnostics, & resources

Live Masterclasses, Webinars, & Events

Bill Yearly

1-Month Free Trial, then

£125/year exc. VAT

Exclusive Professional Communities

Powerful tools, diagnostics, & resources

Live Masterclasses, Webinars, & Events

Given us a Google Review on our Liberating Leadership Programme? Let us know and we'll send you a link for a 2-month free trial!

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