Developing Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

Traditionally Leadership and Management skills were learned on-the-job, through observation and experience of what worked well and didn’t. This was a slow process, resulting in disengaged employees and sub-optimal performance.

The best performing organisations accelerate development, recognising the increased challenges for today’s organisations, which include:
• global competition & opportunities
• uncertain market conditions
• more informed and demanding customers
• fast-paced technology changes and automation
• employees with higher-expectations

The course details:

  • The course is free to eligible participants.
  • You will receive a short induction via a one-to-one telephone call with Aspirin Business to understand your training needs
  • You will be expected to commit to three group workshops, of 4 hours duration each, i.e. a total of 12 hours.
  • The course also includes an e-learning programme to accelerate and embed learning. Participants will need to complete some modules before the first workshop.
  • Each delegate will design and manage a 30-day work-based project to focus and practice their skills.

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Aspirin Leaders’ Academy 6th December 2018

This is the final Leaders Academy of 2018, our theme is ‘Annual Round-up and Vision Setting’.


Our Leaders Academy will be facilitated by Susannah and includes sharing best practice with like-minded leaders and managers.  

To book your place please RSVP.
£125 + VAT
£400 + VAT to attend 4 acadamies

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

UK Motivational Maps Conference 17th October 2019

You’re invited to attend the 2019 UK Motivational Maps Conference, organised by Aspirin Business.

Event Information
Date   –   17th October 2019
Time      –     9am for a 9.30am Start, finishing at 4.30pm
Where   –     TBA
Parking  –    TBA
Lunch    –    Ticket Price includes a hot lunch.

Who is this conference for?

The UK Motivational Maps Conference is open to all Motivational Maps Practitioners, Business Leaders, L&D and HR Leaders and Managers, Coaches and Trainers that want to know more about motivation and the unique ISO Accredited tool called Motivational Maps.
Meet and hear from like-minded people who are already using Motivational Maps within their businesses to great effect, both with their colleagues and clients.



Ticket Price is £TBA each + VAT

Book your place today:

Check back for updates soon or more contact us at:

T: 01202 801187

M: 07727 284592



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Accreditation to become Licensed Practitioners of Motivational Maps®

Accreditation dates are arranged to meet demand, usually every 6-8 weeks

Next Accreditation dates are below, contact us to book your place:

31st October 2018           (Full)

22nd November 2018    (Places available, please get in touch)

17th January 2019          (Places available, please get in touch)

28th February 2019       (Places available, please get in touch)

28th March 2019            (Places available, please get in touch)

If you are a group of 2 to 5 people that would like to organise your own dedicated accreditation day, just get in contact and we can agree a specific day for you.

Motivational Maps icon

For organisations that intend to create a culture of motivation, we offer training and accreditation of Internal Practitioners.  This is suitable for team members responsible for HR, learning & development and managers with large teams and/ or a desire to understand and utilise motivation in depth.

  • Pre-training preparation: 17 voiced-over slidedecks covering the nuts and bolts of motivation and the Motivational Maps
  • One day training: Checking and building a real understanding of motivation, the Motivational Maps, and then utilising that knowledge to interpret case-studies of both individuals and teams.
  • Practitioners’ Resources: These include a comprehensive Practitioners’ Manual, an Administration Back Office to create and collate Motivational Maps, additional videos, articles and audio materials.
  • Confirmation of Learning: To complete Accreditation, the individual provides feedback on two Motivational Maps for their team/ colleagues.

Accredited Practitioners receive:

  • a substantially discounted price for the Motivational Maps (individual), free Team Maps, and are able to issue their own Map passwords and create unlimited Team Maps.

Accredited Practitioners are able to:

  • interpret both Individual and Team Motivational Maps
  • provide feedback to team leaders
  • provide feedback to individuals, using the process provided

Group accreditation workshops take place every 6-8 weeks, contact us for further information and next group accreditation dates or book your place at

In-house or one to one accreditations are arranged on demand.  Whilst in-person accreditation is preferred, we are experienced in delivering online accreditation (via Zoom) in exceptional circumstances, e.g. Australian Practitioners.