The grass really is greener on the other side!

September 28, 2015

Janine Pattison Studios (JPS) featured at Aspirin Business Solutions’ latest seminar and shared their novel approach to running a business which attracts and retains both high-quality clients and a powerful, cohesive team.

With a unique combination of humour and creativity, Janine, Denise and their team of vibrant garden and landscape designers not only treated guests to popcorn, but also an exclusive behind-the-scenes film-inspired insight into this successful high growth business, which is driven by innovation.

Seminar attendees at the Aspirin Business Studios - garden designed by Janine Pattision Studios

Seminar attendees at the Aspirin Business studio – garden design by Janine Pattision Studios



With a clientele that includes heads of global businesses, premier league footballers and TV celebrities, JPS are renowned for their highly creative and stylish landscapes. Their projects range from cutting-edge contemporary gardens in and around the Sandbanks area (including a rather unique Huf Haus) to country estates in the New Forest.

They attribute their success, in part, to Aspirin Business Solutions who are co-creators of their growth strategy and talent development. In addition to JPS, Aspirin Business Solutions’ clients include owner-managed, often technical, businesses throughout Dorset and nationally they include both John Lewis and Waitrose.

Denise Wright, Managing Director at JPS, says, “Our work with Aspirin over the past five years has all been about consolidating our personal ethos about owning and running a business. A great team brings with it, besides great energy and happiness, a roster of great clients. Sue, Heath and everyone at Aspirin have played a central role in helping us to embed that philosophy into the culture of JPS”.

As well as being a mlakeside-1ulti-award winning practice that attracts high calibre clients, JPS have created a tremendously talented & proactive team.

To achieve this, they’ve developed a refreshing & challenging approach to recruitment, established the JPS Academy for ongoing training and fostered a culture of respect and trust, alongside creativity and professionalism. For instance, team members were given the opportunity to manage the day-to-day business of JPS, which has provided a fantastic opportunity to develop their management skills and experience.

Managing Director of Aspirin Business Solutions, Susannah Brade-Waring, says, “Working with JPS is always a pleasure. They certainly push the boundaries of tried and tested methods of management and, as a result, are achieving profitable high growth with a team that inspired all the attendees at our seminar”


The next Aspirin Business event is a workshop on Motivation and Engagement on 18 November.

Who knew IT Engineers and Vets would have anything in common?!

July 23, 2015

Well, we certainly didn’t but at our recent Aspirin Business Seminar, where guests were treated to another behind-the-scenes insight into a very successful business, we were soon to find out…Head Office, Evershot

With 28 farm focussed vets, Synergy Farm Health offer a holistic approach to the health, welfare and production of dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and camelids.

Like many businesses, they’re challenged by market pressure and prices.  For Synergy these are to reduce antibiotic usage and decreasing milk prices.

They’ve adopted a proactive strategy to their challenges and have been successful in winning both the regional TB testing contract and in becoming a training practice for the Royal Veterinary College – providing both accommodation and education for up to 10 veterinary students at a time on a rolling two-week basis.

Juggling these strategic projects whilst maintaining their fee-earning income has caused the Senior Team lots of headaches. They reached out to Aspirin Business Solutions to help the team refocus both their strategy and the way they manage their business.

Andrew Davies, Managing Director, at Synergy Farm Health says “We’ve idSynergy_Farm_Health-6332entified the critical factors to strengthen and grow the business, and are now focussing the team and their resources to achieve them.

Susannah’s ability to gain the team’s trust and establish the essence of our business, has enabled us to create a clear strategy everyone will work together to achieve.

Managing Director of Aspirin Business Solutions, Susannah Brade-Waring, says, “The Senior Team generate the majority of the income for this large practice. Taking time out to work on their business, together, was probably the biggest challenge they faced.  Their investment has paid off as they are now a focussed, agile and cohesive team.  I commend them.”

The tour of their premises sparked a brainwave for Lee Dredge, Managing Director of IT Support Business (ITSB).  Lee realised Synergy’s pharmaceutical dispensary has overcome a challenge common to IT support companies.  He’s planning to adopt a similar policy.



The next seminar takes place in September with Janine Pattison Studios – winners of the New Homes and Gardens’ Landscape of the Year and Best Urban Garden Award Winners for 2014.

Janine Pattison Studios first reached out to Aspirin Business Solutions in 2011, to help structure and growth their business and team.  Hear the story and secrets of their success, as we go behind-the-scenes of another very successful local business.

A busy month at Aspirin Business

June 24, 2015

It’s a while since our last update, so what’s happening in the Aspirin Business Studios?

Cheryl O-Brien-Pettett portrait

Cheryl O’Brien-Pettett has joined our team as Business Support Manager.

Cheryl is our chief-organiser, responsible for ensuring both clients and team members receive everything they need in our work together.

Read more about Cheryl on our About Us page.



We’ve been busy delivering work to our clients, including four new clients:

  • Testlink Services
  • New Milton Advertiser
  • IT Support Business (ITSB)
  • Tenants Dream

This eSynergy Farm Healthvening, 24 June, Synergy Farm Health are hosting the Aspirin Business Seminar.  Directors, Alan King and Andy Adler will providing a behind-the-scenes insight into their business, strategy and the growth challenges they’re overcoming.

Our free seminars are just one of the ways we make being successful in business easier and more enjoyable, by providing a different perspective into business, sharing ideas and building a support network of business leaders.


Motivational Maps

Tomorrow, 25 June, is the Motivational Map Summer Conference – featuring Bevis Moyhan, James Sales and myself.

I’ll be sharing why I’ve chosen to build a team around me, rather than continuing as a solopreneur.

Bevis will be speaking about NLP and Motivational Maps, and James Sales will be sharing the latest Mapping tool – the Organisation Map.



Welcome to Paul Kinvig

May 29, 2015

We are delighted to welcome Paul Kinvig into our growing and talented team.

Paul profile photoWith a background in media and economic development/ sector growth, including 11 years at MD/ Chief Exec level, Paul is passionate about being a catalyst for change, asking killer questions and seeing awareness and excitement grow in individuals & teams as they realise their potential for growth.

As Facilitator & Coach, Paul’s key role with Aspirin Business Solutions will be creating that awareness and belief through key note speeches, group workshops and occasionally one to one coaching to release the potential in both people and businesses.

Paul combines his coaching and listening skills with his extensive experience of business and local economy, to create powerful results in leadership development, presentation skills and adapting for change.

“I am thrilled to be part of the Aspirin Business Solutions team and work with businesses who are excited and committed about achieving sustainable growth,” Paul says. “Where businesses that have a clear vision, strong leadership and great teams are allied with motivated and committed staff, their potential for growth is significant and exciting,” adding, “I am really looking forward to working with them and supporting them on their individual journeys”.

Susannah Brade-Waring, MD of Aspirin Business Solutions says, “We are very excited to welcome Paul into our team. Not only will he bring added strength to the business, both in terms of the capability to win and deliver work, he’s already made a valuable contribution to developing the business strategy.

Selecting the right person based on their values, motivation and skill was crucial for this appointment because it reflects not only the credibility and USP of the business, but also our continued ability to deliver the same high quality of work and experience for our clients as we grow”.

Next Seminar at Synergy Farm Health – 24 June

May 21, 2015

The June Seminar will be hosted by our large animal veterinary clients, Synergy Farm Health.  This event will be held at their premises in Evershot, West Dorset, and followed by drinks at Summer Lodge in Evershot.

Synergy Farm Health

Synergy Farm Health is one of the largest providers in the country of veterinary services for large animals. Their current challenges include a drive to reduce antibiotic usage whilst maintaining herd health, within a market force which continually challenges it’s client revenue, i.e. decreasing milk prices.

This Practice includes 7 Senior Partners, and was formed by a merger of two smaller practices in 2009.  Their team includes 28 farm focussed vets who offer a holistic approach to the health, welfare and production of dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and camelids (camels, llamas and alpacas to you and me).

Head Office, EvershotProviding 24 hour care for 365 days/ year – this team provides a wide range of services including in vitro fertilisation, laboratory services, dispensary, masitits and hoof trimming.  They invest heavily in research, education and are a training practice for veterinary students, providing live-in accomodation and a lecture room at their premises in Esholt.

Aspirin Business Solutions began working with Synergy Farm Health in June 2014, through Growth Accelerator.  We’ve helped them strengthen their Senior Team, develop their 3 year strategy and implement it effectively.

This seminar promises to provide a completely different perspective on business which, as our clients know always brings benefits – whether that’s an idea that’s new in their market or a fresh way to tackle challenges.

The Seminar is free for clients and invited guests, and will be on 24 June, 5-7pm.

We’re in … Lewis-Manning’s 100,000 Club

April 30, 2015

Lewis-Manning have launched their 100,000 Club, of 100 local businesses each pledging to raise £1,000 each – and we’ve signed up.

Renowned for its fantastic views, Lewis-Manning is a voluntary hospice offering free palliative nursing care to around 700 local people living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

A reminder life really is worth living

A reminder life really is worth living

The team at Aspirin Business Solutions were treated to a tour around their facilities, and were inspired by the help provided to people at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. We’re excited about working with Lewis-Manning and other members of the 100,000 Club to really make a lasting difference.

Lewis-Manning help people to LIVE with their illnesses and offer both physical and emotional support – from Better Breathing clinics to arts and craft classes.  They also provide respite and end-of-life care.  Patients at Lewis-Manning feel safe, cared for and that they belong – all fundamental motivators that enable people to lead fulfilling lives.

The patients' rooms overlook Poole harbour

Patient’s rooms overlook the view

The £1,000 we’ll be raising could pay for:

  • 10 days in day hospice
  • 20 group physiotherapy sessions for 10 people
  • 40 sessions of complimentary therapy
  • 100 three course lunches with wine

Watch out for news about the events we’ll be organising to raise funds for this wonderful organisation.



One in two people in the UK born after 1960 will get cancer.  The average cancer survival rate is 50%.  If you’d like to support Lewis-Manning too, consider joining us in the 100,000 Club or simply visit one of their 8 shops around the area.


Motivational Maps Conference – Spring 2015

April 8, 2015

Another great time was had by all attendees at the Spring Motivational Maps Conference. Apart from reconnecting with Motivational Mappers from across the country, key highlights were:

  • Motivational Maps receive ISO 17065 validation
  • live webinar from Hugh Liddle – the Elite Sales Wizard, USA
  • ‘Mapping Motivation’ book by James Sale, Gower Publishing
  • calculating the impact of commitment to performance
  • beta testing of the new Organisation Motivational Map

The Motivational Map product has now been through a rigorous testing process by an independent standards authority (Global Accreditation) who are licensed to award the ISO standard.  As a result of this, Motivational Maps Ltd were delighted to formally announce at the Spring Conference that the Motivational Map product has achieved the international standard ISO 17065.

Map conference Mar 15

view from the back of a riveted audience

The Summer Conference on 25 June, will feature talks by:

Susannah Brade-Waring of Aspirin Business Soluutions – building a team of Map Practitioners

Bevis Moynan of Magenta Coaching – combining Motivational Maps with NLP

James Sale of Motivational Maps – introducing the latest addition to the Motivational Map toolbox: the Organisational Map

John Lewis Partnership host the 3rd Aspirin Business Seminar

March 27, 2015
Group photo

Our guests were welcomed into the newly refurbished cafe at John Lewis at Home, in Poole

Our guests were treated to an exclusive insight into the success behind both this leading branch and the Maintenance Department which is responsible for maintaining all 43 branches of John Lewis.

In 2010, John Lewis were embarking on significant expansion plans, including its first new format store – John Lewis at Home, in Poole. At the same time, the Partnership were embracing energy and waste initiatives, which would increase the Maintenance Department’s scope of work.

Aspirin Business Solutions were engaged to equip the Maintenance Department to successfully handle this growth and change, whilst maintaining current performance and focus.  The initial project provided a Sustainable Growth Programme with change management, ensuring Partners engaged with the new strategy.  Subsequent projects have focussed on Leadership Development.

Simon Crook and Luke Pearson, both Operation Managers for Maintenance (OMM), explained the impact Susannah’s work had on their departments, in particular, the significant improvements in productivity, Customer and Partner Opinion survey results and increased personal responsibility shown by the Partners in the Maintenance department.

Simon and Luke

Susanah Brade-Waring with Simon Crook (OMM – South) and Luke Pearson (OMM – M&E Specialist)

In 2010, there were 24 branches of John Lewis maintained by 24 Branch Maintenance Managers and their teams.  In 2015, there are 43 branches (with a variety of formats), maintained by 23 Branch Maintenance Managers and their teams.

Luke Pearson said, “As a team, we thought we were doing a good job until Susannah challenged us. Now we know we’re doing a good job and the six Maintenance Specialists operate as a coherent team. We have more control and influence over our work”

Says Simon Crook, “I was impressed by how quickly Susannah picked up the technical detail involved in our business,”

Martin Brunt and Colin Brade with Jeremy Adams - Branch Manager at JL Poole

Martin Brunt and Colin Brade with Jeremy Adams – Branch Manager at JL Poole

Susannah Brade-Waring, says, “I was fortunate to engage John Lewis as client as soon as I left my employed work as Finance Director of Monsal Ltd – which we’d grown from a start-up to over £10m turnover and through a successful MBO.

The Maintenance Department’s commitment to engaging with and implementing the improvements we’d developed with them, has been a huge factor in creating the success they now enjoy.  I’m very appreciative that they, like our clients IEC and TDSi before them, have opened up their doors to provide our clients and guests with an opportunity to gain ideas and inspiration to grow themselves and their organisations sustainably.”

An important win leads to promotion

March 11, 2015

For the past two years, Aspirin Business Solutions have been sponsoring our local football team – Broadstone Colts, who are now Under 14s.

Broadstone FC 1

Coming together as a new team in 2010, the team’s last game of the season was the culmination of four years of hard work for the team and their manager, Tony Arnold.

The team secured a 2-1 win to clinch runners up position and gain promotion for the first time, to Division 2.

Manager of the team, Tony Arnold was delighted with the result, “Well done to the team for their hard work over the last four years, with small improvements every season – resulting in today’s promotion.  Thanks to all the parents for their continued support.”

Broadstone FC 2



Behind the Scenes at the John Lewis Partnership

February 19, 2015

On 24th March 2015, the John Lewis Partnership are hosting the third Aspirin Business Seminar.

Designed to promote innovation, the sharing of ideas and support from fellow business leaders, each seminar is hosted by a customer of Aspirin Business Solutions and offers an insight into their business strategy, their growth challenges and some of the keys to their success.

John Lewis at Home

The John Lewis Partnership is well-respected for its combination of commercial acumen and corporate conscience. It is known for its policy of “Never Knowingly Undersold” which has been in use since 1925 and for being owned by its employees.

All 90,000 permanent staff are Partners who own 43 John Lewis shops 336 Waitrose supermarkets, an online and catalogue business, a production unit and a farm. The business has annual gross sales of over £10bn. Partners share in the benefits and profits of a business that puts them first.

John Lewis MaintenanceOver the past 5 years, Aspirin Business Solutions have been working closely with the Maintenance Department of John Lewis. Susannah Brade-Waring, MD of Aspirin Business Solutions, was asked to help them deliver more with the existing resources (a familiar story).

This led to the development of a vision and strategy for the business, embedded into the Business As Usual through measurable objectives which every branch of John Lewis has used for over 4 years. The result – the Maintenance Department are delivering a better performance across all areas (financial, customer, operations and Partners) to an estate which includes several more branches, and with a few less Partners.

At the Seminar, two Operation Maintenance Managers from two teams within the Partnership will talk about their roles in ensuring the John Lewis and Waitrose estates are well maintained at all times, the growth challenges they’ve been working through and will share some of the keys to their success. Susannah Brade-Waring will share how she started working with the Partnership (from a pub in the middle of Derbyshire), and will provide her perspective on why they’re so successful.

Aspirin Business Seminars are exclusive for customers and invited guests and are free.  If you would like to attend this seminar, please get in touch.