Added ValueU for Aspirin Business’s Motivational Mapping Family

February 27, 2018

International coach and engagement specialist Sonia Gavira, of valueU, has successfully completed her training to become a Business Practitioner of Motivational Maps, with Aspirin Business.  This enables Sonia to license and train fellow coaches and consultants, which she’s already started.

Sonia was introduced to Motivational Maps by Susannah Brade-Waring, Managing Director of Aspirin Business and a Senior Practitioner with Motivational Maps.  Susannah explained, “Tools can provide excellent insights for coaches and their clients, and there are many to choose from.  Motivational Maps always seem to ‘hit’ the spot with both coaches and clients – with many coaches finding themselves re-energised by the refreshing style and insights provided by this ISO accredited diagnostic.

Sonia’s trained to be a Licensed Practitioner with Maps first, which we always encourage.  She’s then trained to become a Business Practitioner, further developing her expertise in motivation and co-delivering accreditations with me.  Her enthusiasm and collaborative workstyle are highly motivating, and she’s a great asset to Aspirin’s family of Motivational Map Practitioners.”

Sonia said, “Having worked around the globe in leadership development and engagement projects, I am accredited in many tools. However, having tried Motivational Maps myself and with clients, looking to improve both their personal and business performance, I’ve been impressed.

My clients and I find Motivational Maps provide an accurate window on the motivation of leaders, their teams and their organisations.  They tell you where you get your energy from and what will suck the energy right out of you.  They encourage and enable you to take action.  I’ve already started to train fellow coaches and consultants around the globe, and I know that Motivational Maps will enable them to make an even bigger difference to their clients, and maybe even to themselves.”

Aspirin & Merlin Cast a Spell on Engagement

January 30, 2018

Dorset based Aspirin Business, experts in employee engagement, are thrilled to have been engaged by Merlin Entertainments to support their strategy in raising employee engagement across their sites around the world.

Merlin Entertainments is the largest entertainments company operating in Europe. It runs 117 attractions across 24 countries in 4 continents. Their passion is putting smiles on people’s faces and giving customers memorable experiences….in simple terms they love what they do!

Aspirin Business define Employee Engagement as “the intellectual, emotional & physical commitment to deliver high performance for mutual success”. Organisations that have high employee engagement levels regularly outperform those which don’t across a number of metrics including profitability, productivity, quality, safety & customer satisfaction.

Committed to being the best company to work for in their industry, Merlin see employee engagement as a fundamental part of their people strategy ensuring their continued success around the globe.

Emma James, Group Employee Engagement Manager at Merlin commented on working with Aspirin, “Aspirin Business have made this experience a really enjoyable one – supporting us in our strategy and the development of our engagement training programme – I would highly recommend them.” 

Susannah Brade-Waring, Managing Director of Aspirin Business added, “Merlin are a great fit for Aspirin, as we work with ambitious and big-hearted leaders and organisations. We understand the challenge of embedding employee engagement into the daily activities of leadership and management, and enjoy creating pragmatic ways to approach this.”

Aspirin Business network of clients across the UK also includes Douch Family Funerals, ESET, Knill James Chartered Accountants, Lester Brunt Wealth Management, Shine Dental, Shire Leasing and Waitrose.

Aspirin in the community: Twilight Walk

June 7, 2016

24-May-Twilight-WalkThe Twilight Walk for Women returned to Bournemouth seafront for the sixth year running on May 20, All money raised from the event went towards women’s health services at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and for the third year running the event was hosted by Aspirin’s own Paul Kinvig.

As well as compering the event and introducing special guests for the evening, Paul interviewed participants before the event started and as they completed the course uncovering some wonderfully inspiring & heartwarming stories regarding how they have faced and embraced the life changing circumstances they have found themselves in.   

The event encouraged fundraisers to form a sea of pink and take part in the 1k, 5k or 10k walk along the seafront with more than 350 former patients, local residents and hospital staff strolling in their pink Twilight t-shirts at sunset.

Paul Kinvig, Business Coach & Facilitator with Aspirin said

“This is the third year I’ve been involved with this wonderful event and each time I come away inspired by the stories of the participants. Their willingness to embrace the change that has been forced upon them and in many cases to use it as a way of achieving inspirational things is truly humbling. Whether it is families running in memory of lost loved ones, patients who are undergoing treatment yet still running or those who have beaten illness and wanting to say thank you, one cannot help but reflect on the courage of the participants.”

Barry Wilson, Community & Fundraising Officer at RBHC commented

“It’s always difficult to keep interest in an event when it has been going for six years but we are very fortunate to have a very worthy cause behind us and are extremely lucky to have great supporters! Over 300 signed up to take part in the Twilight Walk for women and the atmosphere was fantastic! The participants will make a real difference to the women’s health unit at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital”

Aspirin’s involvement in the Twilight Walk is part of its ongoing commitment to supporting the wider community in which it operates, adding to its involvement in such things as Diverse Abilities, Lewis Manning Hospice & Mayor Of Poole’s Charities.

Raising funds for Poole’s Emergency Services

May 24, 2016

Mayor's Charity Gala

The Italian Villa at Compton Acres was the setting for the Mayor of Poole’s Charity Gala Dinner, hosted by Aspirin’s own Paul Kinvig and the last major event of Cllr Ann Stribley MBE JP’s mayoral year.

Paul Kinvig, Business Coach & Facilitator with Aspirin said, “As a leader of our community, the Mayor’s role in bringing people together to support fundamental life-saving services in Poole is critical.  I loved playing my part of ensuring that everyone enjoyed the evening whilst raising funds for two great causes.  It was a privilege.”

Raising money for Poole Hospital Emergency Dept and Poole Lifeboat Station, over 70 lucky guests enjoyed a drinks reception in the gardens (courtesy of Beales Gourmet Catering) followed by a 3-course meal from Tony Beales & his team.

As well as compering the event Paul encouraged the assembled throng to take part in the traditional game of “Heads & Tails” as well as a paper plane challenge, both of which raised money for the Mayors nominated charities.

The guests were entertained by ‘close up’ magician James Brown and singer Natasha Dark and also added funds to the charities through the purchase of raffle tickets, prizes for which included VIP tickets to the Beach Polo & dinner for 4 at Vesuvio Italian Restaurant   


Aspirin’s involvement in is part of its ongoing commitment to supporting the wider community in which it operates, adding to its involvement in such things as Diverse Abilities, Lewis Manning Hospice & Royal Bournemouth Hospital Charity

The famous Aspirin Business Shortbread

April 25, 2016

by Heath Waring, Support Crew Director at Aspirin Business Solutions


Aspirin Business Shortbread

I have been asked a lot for the recipe for the Aspirin Business Shortbread which I bake on a regular basis for our business meetings or just as a treat for our clients. This is such an easy biscuit to make that once you have done it once, you will never want to buy another shop bought Shortbread again!

Ingredients are very simple

340g of good quality plain flour
250g of good quality butter (I use Beurre d’Isigny, it has nice salt crystals in which add to the flavour)
110g of caster sugar

Add your favourite flavourings, mine are Fudge, Choc Chip, Opies Stem Ginger or Ground Ginger and Chopped Almonds. 


1. Pre-heat your oven to 160 degrees centigrade
2. Mix together by hand or a food processor the butter and caster sugar until smooth 
3. Add the flour to the sugar and butter and rub together until it starts to form into a dough and then knead until it is smooth and elastic.
4. Wrap the dough in cling film and put in the fridge for 20 minutes
5. Take the dough out of the fridge into a bowl and add any goodies you want like stem ginger, choc, chip, fudge and mix in well.
6. Put the dough onto a floured worktop and roll out to about 5mm thick, make sure the rolling pin is floured as well to prevent sticking.
7. Use a pastry cutter, shape to your choice, and press out the biscuits.
8. Get a baking tray and line with Teflon or grease proof paper, sprinkle some caster sugar on top and the lay the biscuits onto the tray evenly.
9. Sprinkle more caster sugar over the top of the biscuits.
10. Put the tray of biscuits into the pre-heated oven for 15 minutes, then remove and allow them to cool.
11. Finally sprinkle with more caster sugar or get a shaker with icing sugar and shake over the top when cold.


Watch Heath in this time-lapse video – just 27 seconds to shortbread heaven

Aspirin Business help “March For Men” to march onward & upward

April 12, 2016

March for Men temp


Royal Bournemouth Hospital Charity’s March for Men event returned to Bournemouth Seafront on 20 March with Aspirin’s Business Coach & Facilitator Paul Kinvig hosting the event for the second year running.

Money raised from the event which, encouraged over 200 men, women and children to walk, run or march 1km, 5km, or 10km walk, along Bournemouth seafront and lower gardens will be used to fund men’s health projects at the hospital including the purchase of a new Olympus image management hub that will benefit men with prostate cancer at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Paul’s role was to help warm up the crowd & start the event with Fiona Castle, widow of Roy Castle & patron of Royal Bournemouth Hospital Charity. He also interviewed key people and spoke to the participants as they completed the course.

Barry Wilson, Community & Fundraising Officer at RBHC said “We were really pleased to have Paul on board for March for Men. He has become a great addition to our events and as always he created a fun & relaxed atmosphere with great interaction with the participants & spectators”

Paul Kinvig commented “As men we’re notoriously reticent about discussing health issues. This event not only raised awareness about prostate cancer but also vital funds in the fight against this vicious disease. It was a privilege to host the event – talking to the entrants (many of whom have fought & beaten cancer) was both humbling & uplifting.

Aspirin take an active part in supporting the community in which they serve, including work with other charities & organisations within the Dorset area such as Lewis Manning Hospice, Diverse Abilities and Broadstone FC.

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Releasing potential: I’m not ready to hang up the gloves

November 12, 2015

Susannah Brade-Waring, Managing Director and Coach at Aspirin Business Solutions


Floyd Mayweather has hung up his gloves, saying “I’ve been in this sport 19 years, been a world champion 18 years, broke all the records. There’s nothing else to prove in the sport of boxing”

To retire as a world champion, aged just 38, having never lost any of our fights, is a goal many of us would be satisfied with … and yet, it reminds me of a conversation with a friend, who’s recently retired.  He heartily recommended retirement to me.  I heard myself say “I’m not ready for retirement yet, my best is yet to come.”

I have a very strong sense that my life is still building.  My passion, focus and certainty are getting even stronger with time.  Part of this certainty, I’m sure, is the quality of the people who are coming forward to work with us.  Their passion, talent and belief fuel my own.

Our journey to success is very different to Mayweather’s.  He was born into a family of boxers and taught to box before he could walk.  Beyond the gruelling training were a series of ascending battles.  Each with clearly define ways to win and a declared winner.  Fuelled by frenzied media and pay-to-watch matches, his route to success followed a well-trodden, if intensely tough, path.

By contrast, our own route has felt at times more like fumbling around in the dark.  It’s not been helped by my own desire to reject the well-trodden paths.  I suppose I wanted to be in no doubt that I’d earned my own stripes, that I’d followed my own values and not played another’s game by another’s rules.  There’s something wonderful freeing and invigorating in knowing you’ve created your own success in your own way.

Instead of a ladder to success, my own has felt more like a diminishing spiral – of circling closer and closer to the truth.  That’s why my best is yet to come.  I feel it building and, unlike Mayweather, I’m still excited.

I love, with a passion, the difference we make for our clients.  On a monthly basis that may be seen through increased sales and profits.  But our passion is inspired by the day to day, sometime mere glimmers of transformation, that we see, hear or feel in our clients.

Sometimes it’s in the physical presence and engagement with our work of someone who was previously too busy and sceptical.  Sometimes it’s hearing of team members who, seemingly out of the blue, ask if they can research a new and potentially lucrative market.  (Both stories shared by our clients this month.)  For it’s the day to day, mere glimmers that build to create these increases in sales and profits.  It’s the butterfly effect, the turn of the tide that create ongoing success.

Yes, it’s about the great sales person or manager who spots an opportunity and races off heroically to ‘bring home the bacon’.  Of course, it’s about a strong and focussed Senior Team who’ve agreed which strategies will grow the business.  But – for every reaction there’s an equal and opposite reaction.  It might be the reaction of a competitor for having a high profile deal snatched from under their noses, who decide to squeeze you out of the market or steal your sales person; like an arms race.

Yet the gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wings goes unnoticed until it build to a point where the competition are taken unawares and left behind.

For many including us, the sustainable joy in a career comes not from these quick heady, but soon forgotten, individual successes but in knowing you’re part of creating a winning AND happy team.  It’s in the joy of nurturing the spark of potential in your team into flames.  It’s in being proud of how you’ve spent your time here on this planet.

The best is yet to come.  I’m sure of it. I’m doing it right now in writing this.  There is plenty of potential left to be released.

If, like me, your best is yet to come, would that be worth a conversation?


Fun, funk and £233 for Lewis-Manning Hospice

July 15, 2015

Thanks to everyone who supported our Fun, Funk and Fund-raising night yesterday.  Special thanks to Paul Kinvig, for donating his time and our hosts, The Goods Yard, for donating both raffle prizes and a proportion of takings from the set menu.

Paul @ Goods Yard Gig

Goods Yard gig






Goods Yard gig 2

Fun, funk and fundraising

May 29, 2015

Did you hear?  As part of the Lewis-Manning 100,000 Club, we’ve committed to raising funds towards their provision of free palliative nursing care to local people living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

Join us, during June and July, to raise funds and have some funky fun:

Coastal Comedy 26 June 15

Fri 26 June eve – Hotel Celebrity, Bournemouth

If laughing till you cry is your kind of thing, and you’re not easily offended, check out Coastal Comedy.  This month’s headliner is Jarred Christmas, as seen on Mock the Week (BBC2) and 8 Out of 10 Cats (C4).

On the night, you could win 2 pairs of tickets and make a donation to Lewis-Manning, courtesy of our funny friend (founder, host and comedian) Adrienne Coles.

Tickets are selling fast. Book yours at


Paul Kinvig - guitar

Tues 14 July eve – The Goods Yard, Broadstone

Foot-stomping, funky fun with our very own Paul Kinvig. Come along, sing along, shake your stuff – or just sit back and soak it all up.  Free event, donations to Lewis-Manning.  Listen to some of Paul’s songs here

The Goods Yard will donate some of the profits from a special ‘Food and Funk Menu’, should you wish to eat as well.  Email to book your place.



About Lewis-Manning Hospice

The hospice promotes acceptance, hope and peace of mind in a safe and calming environment, helping people live well through their illness and beyond.

Patient's rooms overlook the view

Patients’ rooms overlook the view

A reminder life really is worth living

A reminder that life really is worth living

Renowned for its fantastic views, Lewis-Manning helps around 700 local people each year to LIVE with their illnesses and offer both physical and emotional support – from Better Breathing clinics to arts and craft classes.

Over the year, we’re committed to raising £1,000, which will pay for:

  • 10 days in day hospice,
  • 20 group physiotherapy sessions for 10 people,
  • 40 sessions of complimentary therapy, or
  • 100 three course lunches with wine – because sharing good food together is one of the keys to a life well lived.

Lewis-Manning is a registered charity, regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.