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Business Consultant & Coach

Coaching and mentoring form our whole approach, including our approach to workshops. We use facilitation to create the optimal conditions for the outcomes required.


For example:

  • Ensuring the room set up and conditions enable strong communication and teamwork.

  • Creating a strong framework for the workshop that enables robust discussions and positive conversations that lead to agreed outcomes that everyone buys into.

  • Use a blend of coaching and mentoring to frame and progress conversations, whilst ensuring our clients stay in control of the agenda and outcomes.

  • Providing external unbiased perspectives and maintaining optimal conditions, allowing everyone to fully engage in the discussions - whilst we take care of the details, such as:​​

    • everyone's fed and watered

    • we achieve the outcomes agreed

    • we finish on time

    • everyone's involved and gets heard

    • ensuring we're on track​

"Tell me, and I will forget.

Show me, and I may remember.

Involve me, and I will understand."


-Confucius, 450B.C.

We support clients through Facilitated Workshops in many ways, including:

  • Partner/Business Leader Away Days

  • Growth and Strategy Workshops

  • Culture and Value Workshops

  • Board Meetings

  • Senior Team Meetings

  • Project Workshops

  • Customer Engagement Workshops

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