Who knew IT Engineers and Vets would have anything in common?!

July 23, 2015

Well, we certainly didn’t but at our recent Aspirin Business Seminar, where guests were treated to another behind-the-scenes insight into a very successful business, we were soon to find out…Head Office, Evershot

With 28 farm focussed vets, Synergy Farm Health offer a holistic approach to the health, welfare and production of dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and camelids.

Like many businesses, they’re challenged by market pressure and prices.  For Synergy these are to reduce antibiotic usage and decreasing milk prices.

They’ve adopted a proactive strategy to their challenges and have been successful in winning both the regional TB testing contract and in becoming a training practice for the Royal Veterinary College – providing both accommodation and education for up to 10 veterinary students at a time on a rolling two-week basis.

Juggling these strategic projects whilst maintaining their fee-earning income has caused the Senior Team lots of headaches. They reached out to Aspirin Business Solutions to help the team refocus both their strategy and the way they manage their business.

Andrew Davies, Managing Director, at Synergy Farm Health says “We’ve idSynergy_Farm_Health-6332entified the critical factors to strengthen and grow the business, and are now focussing the team and their resources to achieve them.

Susannah’s ability to gain the team’s trust and establish the essence of our business, has enabled us to create a clear strategy everyone will work together to achieve.

Managing Director of Aspirin Business Solutions, Susannah Brade-Waring, says, “The Senior Team generate the majority of the income for this large practice. Taking time out to work on their business, together, was probably the biggest challenge they faced.  Their investment has paid off as they are now a focussed, agile and cohesive team.  I commend them.”

The tour of their premises sparked a brainwave for Lee Dredge, Managing Director of IT Support Business (ITSB).  Lee realised Synergy’s pharmaceutical dispensary has overcome a challenge common to IT support companies.  He’s planning to adopt a similar policy.



The next seminar takes place in September with Janine Pattison Studios – winners of the New Homes and Gardens’ Landscape of the Year and Best Urban Garden Award Winners for 2014.

Janine Pattison Studios first reached out to Aspirin Business Solutions in 2011, to help structure and growth their business and team.  Hear the story and secrets of their success, as we go behind-the-scenes of another very successful local business.

Fun, funk and £233 for Lewis-Manning Hospice

July 15, 2015

Thanks to everyone who supported our Fun, Funk and Fund-raising night yesterday.  Special thanks to Paul Kinvig, for donating his time and our hosts, The Goods Yard, for donating both raffle prizes and a proportion of takings from the set menu.

Paul @ Goods Yard Gig

Goods Yard gig






Goods Yard gig 2

Friday September 18, 9-12:30 pm: Presenting with Confidence – Introductory Workshop

July 9, 2015

Secure your place for just £150 inc VAT, using using the ‘Make Payment’ tab on our website.


“If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence you can change lives.”  

Rob Brown

Paul has 11 years of experience in hosting the national awards ceremony for the Newspaper Society of Great Britain.  He’s the host of 3 regional business awards ceremonies, the host of the Dorset Tourism Awards and Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards

Paul has 11 years of experience in hosting the national awards ceremony for the Newspaper Society of Great Britain. He’s the host of 3 regional business awards ceremonies, the host of the Dorset Tourism Awards and Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards

Being able to present with confidence is a required skill for most managers and business leaders.


However, there is a huge difference between being able to speak … and being able to put together effective presentations quickly and deliver them with a high degree of confidence, credibility, trust and flexibility.


Join us for this convenient half-day workshop, where Paul will be sharing his simple and effective techniques to give you a strong grounding in Presenting with Confidence.


Designed for maximum results AND your convenience:

  • We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ – so we’ll start by identifying the reasons why Presentations Skills are an essential component of every effective manager and leader’s toolkit.
  • We’ll then identify the everyday opportunities we have to communicate, influence and build trust, including meetings, networking and the dreaded elevator speech.
  • You’ll leave with 5 ways to start presenting with confidence that you can put into action straightaway.
  • Secure your place quickly and easily using our website.

AND we’ve packed this all into a convenient half-day, so you can be back at work after lunch!


Venue:    St. Leonards Hotel, 185 Ringwood Rd, St. Leonards,

Ringwood, BH24 2NP

Investment:  £150 (including VAT) or 10% discount for members of Dorset Chamber, Business Scene and Lewis Manning’s 100,000 Club, making this investment in yourself just £135 (including VAT).

Secure your place using the ‘Make Payment’ tab on the right hand side of our website.