We’re in … Lewis-Manning’s 100,000 Club

April 30, 2015

Lewis-Manning have launched their 100,000 Club, of 100 local businesses each pledging to raise £1,000 each – and we’ve signed up.

Renowned for its fantastic views, Lewis-Manning is a voluntary hospice offering free palliative nursing care to around 700 local people living with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

A reminder life really is worth living

A reminder life really is worth living

The team at Aspirin Business Solutions were treated to a tour around their facilities, and were inspired by the help provided to people at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. We’re excited about working with Lewis-Manning and other members of the 100,000 Club to really make a lasting difference.

Lewis-Manning help people to LIVE with their illnesses and offer both physical and emotional support – from Better Breathing clinics to arts and craft classes.  They also provide respite and end-of-life care.  Patients at Lewis-Manning feel safe, cared for and that they belong – all fundamental motivators that enable people to lead fulfilling lives.

The patients' rooms overlook Poole harbour

Patient’s rooms overlook the view

The £1,000 we’ll be raising could pay for:

  • 10 days in day hospice
  • 20 group physiotherapy sessions for 10 people
  • 40 sessions of complimentary therapy
  • 100 three course lunches with wine

Watch out for news about the events we’ll be organising to raise funds for this wonderful organisation.



One in two people in the UK born after 1960 will get cancer.  The average cancer survival rate is 50%.  If you’d like to support Lewis-Manning too, consider joining us in the 100,000 Club or simply visit one of their 8 shops around the area.


Spring growth with Waitrose Maintenance Dept

April 22, 2015

It’s not just the team, here at Aspirin Business Solutions that are growing this Spring.  We’ve been selected by the Maintenance Department of Waitrose to ensure their department are fit for growth and changes in the retail market, with a clear direction and strong capability.waitrose_800_531

With over 337 branches and buildings to maintain in tip top condition across the UK, this busy team will be further stretched during 2015 with both an expanding property portfolio and new styles of branches.

“The retail market is undergoing a huge shift, with the rapid rise of both online sales and discount retailers.  As a consequence, the Waitrose strategy is having to adapt at an equally fast pace. Ideally, new strategies are cascaded down into each department – but this takes time which creates a lag before results are seen.

The Maintenance Department are adopting a proactive approach of anticipating the needs of the business and getting themselves into shape to deliver it.  By taking ownership of their departmental strategy, they will ensure its regularly updated to meet the changing needs of the business and checked with key stakeholders.  They become self-managing to a greater extent, which creates a better outcome for everyone” says Susannah Brade-Waring, Managing Director of Aspirin Business Solutions.

Starting in April, this 9 month project will be delivered in two phases.  Phase 1 will be to strengthen the focus and capability of the Operations Managers for Maintenance, and will include the development of a departmental strategy, key performance indicators and leadership coaching.  Phase 2 will be to help those managers cascade the strategy, by engaging and developing their teams.

Motivational Maps Conference – Spring 2015

April 8, 2015

Another great time was had by all attendees at the Spring Motivational Maps Conference. Apart from reconnecting with Motivational Mappers from across the country, key highlights were:

  • Motivational Maps receive ISO 17065 validation
  • live webinar from Hugh Liddle – the Elite Sales Wizard, USA
  • ‘Mapping Motivation’ book by James Sale, Gower Publishing
  • calculating the impact of commitment to performance
  • beta testing of the new Organisation Motivational Map

The Motivational Map product has now been through a rigorous testing process by an independent standards authority (Global Accreditation) who are licensed to award the ISO standard.  As a result of this, Motivational Maps Ltd were delighted to formally announce at the Spring Conference that the Motivational Map product has achieved the international standard ISO 17065.

Map conference Mar 15

view from the back of a riveted audience

The Summer Conference on 25 June, will feature talks by:

Susannah Brade-Waring of Aspirin Business Soluutions – building a team of Map Practitioners

Bevis Moynan of Magenta Coaching – combining Motivational Maps with NLP

James Sale of Motivational Maps – introducing the latest addition to the Motivational Map toolbox: the Organisational Map