Growth Accelerator clients grow 4x faster

December 17, 2014

Growth Accelerator





Aspirin Business Solutions is a registered and approved Growth Accelerator Coach.  We have just completed our fourth project through Growth Accelerator and have 2 more in progress.  We’ve helped these clients to develop powerful strategies, review and improve their sales and marketing systems, and develop their team capability.

What is Growth Accelerator?

GrowthAccelerator is a government-backed service offering support to ambitious SMEs through coaching, workshops, masterclasses and match funded Leadership and Management Training.  They can help you with business development, leadership and management training, access to finance and innovation.

Across the UK Growth Accelerator’s results show their clients are growing four times faster than the average SME.

Within Dorset, at the end of October 2014, 116 companies had signed onto Growth Accelerator.  48% of these are over 10 years old.  20% of them are in manufacturing and engineering.  Weaknesses in strategy and management were identified as the key barrier to growth for 50% of these companies, by their Senior Teams.

Click on 'Testimonials' to hear Synergy's Farm Health reflections on their Growth Accelerator Programme

Click on the link below to hear Synergy’s Farm Health reflections on their Growth Accelerator Programme

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Grrr… we waste so much time in meetings

December 9, 2014

Wasting time in meetings is a common headache for our clients.  As businesses grow, the need to formalise communication increases, the number of attendees increases and the workload on the business leaders and managers increase.  But – you can do something about it.

Meeting overload

The average UK business person spends 34% of their working year in meetings, according to teleconference provider Powwownow’s recent survey.  Of course, in reality, people work longer hours to accomodate this.  But, that leaves them tired, struggling to innovate or to welcome others’ ideas because it will add even more to their workload.

We love putting our clients back in control and, in response to our clients’ frustrations, we’ve developed a Quick Guide to Effective Meetings – 5 things to BAN, 5 Meeting Essentials and 5 tips to GREAT meetings.  Our FREE Guide will be available to download off our website very soon – but if you don’t want to wait that long, email us and we’ll send your copy straight away.  Here’s a taster:


Decide who NEEDS to attend, and only invite them.  Try the zero accounting principle – and only invite attendees who will influence or implement a decision.

Zero accounting is used to create budgets starting from zero – rather than tweaking last year’s budget.  It ensures each item is questioned.  We know large meetings become complex – so use this principle to keep it focussed.

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I don’t want to be sticking my hand up …

December 3, 2014

We hear all sorts of ways for describing business headaches.  Even so, this must be one of the more graphic requests for succession planning.

Our clients’ companies are so fascinating, and we are privileged to get thrown into the deep end as we get to grips with their business strategies.  Fortunately this is a metaphorical ‘thrown in’, given some of the industries are clients specialise in!

Synergy Farm Health

In July, we started working with Synergy Farm Health.  This veterinarySynergy Farm Health 1
practice specialises in large animals, predominantly dairy cows.

Formed from two practices which merged in 2010, the Senior Team at Synergy Farm Health approached Growth Accelerator for help developing their future strategy. Growth Accelerator suggested two of their approved coaches and Aspirin Business Solutions were selected.

Since then, we helped them develop a clear strategy and create plans to achieve it and measure their progress.  We’ve clarified roles, helped them design a system to attract and engage clients, and found ways to streamline their decision making and meetings, and we’re about to start work on their succession planning.

Andrew Davies, Managing Director at Synergy Farm Health says “I feel we’ve identified the critical factors to strengthen and grow the business, and are now focussing the team and their resources to achieve them. Susannah’s ability to gain the team’s trust and establish the essence of our business, has enabled us to create a clear strategy everyone will work together to achieve.”