Improving scores demonstrate sustainable growth at the John Lewis Partnership

July 26, 2014

We’ve worked with the Maintenance Department of the John Lewis Partnership since 2008, providing both strategic and executive coaching. The department of around 400 Partners, cares for the growing estate of department stores, distribution buildings and Partnership holiday clubs.
John Lewis 1
Each year, the John Lewis Partnership complete Customer Opinion Surveys and Partner Opinion Surveys. The Maintenance Department have always scored highly, and use the scores to identify areas for further improvement.

This year’s results show the Opinions of both customers of, AND partners within, the department have improved even further.

The results of both surveys contribute to the measured Business Objectives of the department (part of the Step 3-Measure work we did back in 2011). The surveys provide strong evidence the department has achieved sustainable growth, as they’re improving performance AND growing strongly. Crucially, the surveys also provide great feedback for the team and the managers.

… and one more thing – the Department are improving performance for a growing estate, with a reduced headcount. Our work with the Department was crucial to this achievement, producing estimated savings of at least £100,000 per annum just in headcount savings.

Two Accredited Motivation Champions for TDSi

July 22, 2014

Congratulations to Sarah Phillips and Kathryn Sutcliffe of TDSi, who have completedSarah Phillips, Accredited Map Practictioner their Accreditation with us as Motivational Map Practitioners.

As TDSi’s Motivation Champions, Sarah and Kathryn are now able to:
– understand what motivates individuals and teams

– help increase motivation and reduce disagreements

– help ensure the successful implementation of strategic and infrastructKathryn Sutcliffe, Accredited Map Practictionerure changes by understanding what people will be thinking and feeling.

By becoming Accredited Practitioners, TDSi can take ownership of understanding, improving and engaging the motivation of their own people.  They’ve already attended a Motivational Map conference, and have access to loads of tools and resources.

Welcoming Eleana to Janine Pattison Studios

July 21, 2014

Eleana Orr joins the growing team of busy Landscape Designers at our clients, JanineEleana Orr Pattison Studios.

Eleana’s a graduate of Architecture from the Arts University Bournemouth and worked for a number of Landscape Design Practices before joining this inspiring and enthusiastic design team.

Congratulations Eleana.  You’re joining a wonderful team.


Increasing the Strategic Capability of Janine Pattison Studios

July 18, 2014

Aspirin Business Solutions have been chosen by Janine Pattison Studios to support their 3 year Business Growth Plan, via the Growth Accelerator Programme.

Together we will create and implement their business strategy, with a particular focus on developing the strategic capability of their team. Janine Pattison Studios are an award winning UK landscape and garden design practice, renowned for creating stylish and contemporary gardens.

JPS - Step 1 Align

“We’ve loved working with Janine, Denise and their growing team since 2011.  It’s been wonderful to see them forging ahead, with a little ‘tacking’ here and there from us.

JPS are huge fans of the Motivational Maps we use, and the creators of the Aspirin Business Studio gardens.” said Susannah Brade-Waring, founding director of Aspirin Business Solutions.

A warm welcome to our new client: Synergy Farm Health

July 18, 2014

We’re delighted to be working with Synergy Farm Health in Dorset. Synergy Farm Health have chosen us to support the development and implementation of their 3 year Business Growth Plan, via the Growth Accelerator Programme. Synergy Farm Health provide excellent clinical solutions with a holistic approach to the health, welfare and production of large farm animals.Sue at Synergy Farm Health

Founding director of Aspirin Business, Susannah said “Veterinary services is a new area for us, and its very exciting to be learning about this industry and the market it operates in. I’ve spoken with all of the Senior Team now, and I’m impressed by the passion and dedication they share about their clinical excellence, their clients and each other. It’s a pleasure working with them.”