Management Exchange: Perspective and Confidence

July 26, 2013

Managers are often promoted through the ranks based on their technical ability, rather than their ability to manage.  Their performance to date has been assessed on outcomes they can control, but to succeed as a manager they need different skills and measures.

Design Manager, Jason shows the precision involved in manufacturing their bearings.

Being a manager changes how you operate within the organisation.  Your success is measured through the performance of others, both in terms of their technical output and their behaviour.  For many managers, this contradicts everything they’ve learned about how to succeed.

This throws up challenges around letting go, delegation, influence and time management as well as the people management activities, such as performance management and providing direction.

Those challenges cannot be overcome through skills training alone.  The individual must want to change how they currently operate.  Two significant factors in creating this desire to change are perspective and confidence.  Perspective allows managers to see their roles from a different and often wider viewpoint, whilst confidence allows them to take risks by doing things differently.

So how do managers gain Perspective and Confidence?

One of the most effective and fun ways is through a Management Exchange.
Our first Management Exchange was shared by a precision engineering company and a

Head Chef, Janusz explains how the kitchen and front of house operate.

Head Chef at Urban Reef, Janusz explains how the kitchen and front of house operate.

hotel and restaurant, and facilitated by our founding director, Susannah Brade-Waring.

Comparing their managerial responsibilities in these very different contexts, and identifying the keys to their success, allowed them to gain a fresh perspective on their roles and their managerial capabilities.

Helen McCombie, General Manager of UrbanBeach hotel, said “I learnt the most important part of my role is to communicate with and empower my team.”

Jason Brailey, Design Manager of Loadpoint Bearings, said “‘I realised just how much I know.  I feel like a manager now. As a result, I’m much more decisive when dealing with my team.”