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F.A.S.T.E.R Leaders

Maintaining a competitive edge in today’s market is increasingly difficult given that technology has levelled the playing field & reduced barriers to entry and clients are more informed than ever before.
As a result, the role of a leader has become more far more challenging in recent years. It requires someone who is, on the one hand, focussed and tenacious and, on the other hand, able to motivate and empower others.

Thus leaders who are able to both focus and motivate their teams are often the difference between winning, retaining & growing customers or losing them to the competition. Leaders are the core around which everything else aligns. They’re like a magnet, with the power to both attract and repel.

Whether it is teams, leaders or organisations, here at Aspirin we believe that transformational results are achieved by being:

Focused, Agile, Strong, Tenacious, Empowered and Real

Thus our F.A.S.T.E.R Leader’s programme focuses on the business leaders, and typically features a series of 2 hour leadership coaching sessions, a full day strategy workshop for the whole team, team alignment and half-day workshops on people planning and, sales and marketing.

Common elements of our Leadership Development are:

  • Personal GoalsPersonal Goals (finance, health, lifestyle and legacy)
    When the business leader is clear about what’s important to him/ her, they bring more energy, enthusiasm and focus into their work. They can also identify what needs to happen in the business to achieve those goals; particularly important for business owners. We help them to develop a win:win situation for the business and themselves, allowing them to be focussed, strategic and consistent.
  • Motivational Maps and Clarity4D GraphSelf-Awareness (personality, communication, teamwork)
    We identify what kind of leader the individual wants to be, and who they are now. We identify what gets in the way of that. We also consider what kind of leader their team needs them to be. We use tools like Motivational Maps and Clarity4D (see image above) to provide them with deep insights into their own motivators and personality, so they are in control and know how to harness the power of these.

Other examples of Leadership Development include goal setting, succession planning, delegating, managing people, building trust-based relationships and presentation skills.

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The whole programme typically takes 6 months, allowing time for our clients to deliver the Business As Usual (BAU) and embed the learning from each step. Deciding to change can take a second, creating new habits for sustainable success takes a little longer.

First Steps:

For less than £100 + VAT, complete an on-line personality profile. It takes just 15 minutes to complete and you’ll receive a 19 page report, with strengths, areas for development and communication strategies. Plus you can book a 30 minutes telephone feedback and discussion session at no extra cost.*

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