The challenges for today’s leaders and managers are very different.  These challenges include:

  • more informed and demanding employees, e.g. Millennials’ expectations of work
  • global competition and opportunities
  • fast-paced technology changes and automation
  • more informed and demanding customers
  • uncertain market conditions, including Brexit

These challenges also create opportunities for those organisations who can get and stay ahead of the curve.  They provide opportunities to engage all employees, especially Millennials, in projects, to develop their skills, to motivate and retain them.

Increasingly our clients are looking for increased ownership in their team members, at all levels.  This includes:

  • understanding how their work contributes to and impacts on both strategy and relationships
  • problem solving
  • taking responsibility for spotting problems, creating a plan to resolve and gaining buy-in
  • spotting opportunities for innovation or continuous improvement
  • developing innovation and continuous improvement projects
  • actioning projects, and reporting on progress
  • managing their time between Business As Usual, and these projects
  • engaging others in their projects, delegating and managing performance

We support clients with Innovation and Continuous Development in many ways including:

  • Growth and Strategy Workshops
  • Strategic Thinking workshops
  • BPR and Kaizen workshops
  • Project Priorisation
  • Project Planning and Implementation support
  • As part of Leadership and Management Development