The world’s leading companies routinely invest in providing coaching and in training their managers to use coaching to develop and manage their people, increasing both innovation and business agility. Coaching encourages ownership and problem solving, rather than blindly following routines.

Coaching and mentoring form our whole approach.  We view our clients as the drivers, and ourselves as the co-drivers.  Therefore, fundamental to our approach is understanding:

  • where our clients want to go (direction),
  • what good looks like (outcomes), and
  • the approach they want to take (style).

We’ll help our clients get crystal clear on all of these, and will develop a plan of action to get there.

Typical Coaching Topics include:

  • Leadership and Management Style
  • Improving Performance
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement Projects
  • Prioritising Projects
  • Difficult Decisions and Conversations
  • Relationship Building
  • Problem Solving

A typical coaching model is T-GROW:

T          Topic

G         Goal                 (get crystal clear on the outcome you want, and why)

R          Reality              (e.g. what’s currently working well and what’s not – and why)

O         Options            (define and sift through your options)

W         Way Forward    (commit to the one option that will make the biggest difference)